After years of deliberation and also countless votes, the new 7 herbal wonders of the world have actually been established. At first, 440 sites from even more than 220 nations were proposed, then the list was shortened to 28 places. From these 28 areas thousands of countless people voted to uncover the 7 organic wonders of the people.

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Top 7 herbal wonders of the civilization have actually Ha Long Bay
A team of experts spent 4 years preparing for this campaign. And the winning wonders were schosen according to the following criteria: the distinct beauty of the nominated site; difference (accounting for seven groups); ecological significance (in regards to independent environmental devices and/or their ramifications for humans); historic heritage (the relationship that people and/or aboriginal populations had actually or had with the place); geographical area (28 finalists are officially distributed across continents).
The new 7 Wonders of Nature campaign began in 2007 appropriate after the election project to vote for the new 7 wonders of the world (man-made). The results were announced on 11/11/2011 via more than 500 million votes international.

Amazon River

amazon river among 7 wonders of nature
The Amazon River in South America is the longest river in the world (all tributaries). And is the biggest drainage system in the civilization in terms of flow price and catchment location.
Amazon Container is the largest lowland also area in Latin America, an area of around 7 million km 2 . The Amazon River in South America is the longest river in the world (all tributaries). And is the largest drainage device in the people in terms of flow price and catchment area.
The area is likewise residence to the Amazon, the world's biggest rainforest and one of the world's many biologically varied areas. It is astronomical, extending 40% of South America, including Brazil , Bolivia , Peru , Ecuador , Colombia , Venezuela , Guyana , Suriname and French Guiana .

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is just one of the 7 herbal wonders of the world
Ha Long Bay is a beautiful organic wonder in northern Vietnam . Bay scattered with 1,600 limerock islands and isallows and also covers a space of over 1,500 km 2 . In certain, Ha Long Bay was likewise well-known by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994.
For many type of tourists, this place is choose something… choose a movie. The truth is that Ha Long Bay is extremely biologically diverse, with suractual scenes that have actually appeared in many kind of renowned films.

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Iguazu Falls, Argentina / Brazil

Iguaza Falls is the new herbal wonder
Iguazu Falls is located on the border of Argentina and also Brazil, it is comprised of 275 small waterfalls. Iguazu Falls is among the biggest waterfalls in the civilization and also it is over 2,700m lengthy. Access to the Falls is typically made with one of 3 cities in the area known as the border confluence in between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay .

Jeju Island, South Korea

jeju island also is incredibly attrenergetic to tourists
Jeju Island also is a volcanic island located 230km off the southern shore of Korea . The largest volcano is Hallasan and also tright here are 360 ​​other smaller volcanoes uncovered adjacent on the island. Jeju Island also is Korea's only special autonomous province and also it is a well-known tourist destination for locals and also tourists aprefer.

Komoperform Island, Indonesia

superior komoperform island
Komoexecute Island is just one of the 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia . It was constructed into a national park in 1980 to safeguard the Komoperform dragon, an endangered species. Komoperform island has actually a surconfront location of 390 km 2 and a populace of over 2 thousand civilization. The civilization on the island are descendants of former convicts that were exiresulted in the island.
Komoperform Island is also renowned for its pink beaches, one of the few in the civilization. Due to its proximity to Bali, it is just one of the many visited islands in Indonesia.

Puerto Princesa Underground River, Philippines

Pueerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines
The Puerto Princesa Underground River is situated 50kilometres north of Puerto Princesa on the Philippine island of Palawan . The entrance to the Subterranean River from Sabang town. Puerto Princesa Underground River claims to be the longest underground river in the human being at 8.2 kilometres.
This Puerto Princesa Underground River also represents a habitat and preserves biodiversity. The area contains a complete 'mountain-sea' ecomechanism and contains some of the most crucial woodlands in Asia.

Table Mountain, South Africa

One of the Salso Wonders of Nature - Table Mountain
Table Mountain is a flat hill developing a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa . This mountain has undergone six million years of erosion and also is home to the richest yet smallest freduced kingdom on earth via even more than 1,470 species of flowers. It is a well-known tourist attraction in South Africa, via many type of people walking to the top of the hill.

The staying candidate of the 7 wonders of nature

Do you think the 7 herbal wonders above are the the majority of reasonable? What natural wonders execute you think need to be in the top seven? See even more natural wonders in the peak 28 places
# Place nation
first Bu Tinah Beach UAE
2 Dead Sea Jordan , Israel
3 Great Barrier Reef Australia
4 Jeita . Caves Lebanon
5 Kilimanjaro . National Park Tanzania
6 Masurian Lake District Ba Lan
7 Sundarbans Bangladesh , India
8 Maldives Maldives
9 Angel Falls Venezuela
ten Bay of Fundy (National Park) Canada
11 Black Forest virtue
twelfth Cliffs of Moher Ireland
13 The anvil Puerto Rico
14 Galapagos Islands (National Park) Ecuador
15 Grand Canyon (National Park) USA
16 Matterhorn / Cervino Italy, Switzerland
17 Milford Sound New Zealand
18 Mud Volcanoes Ireland
19 Uluru (National Park) Australia
20 Vesuvius (National Park) IDEA
21 Yushan (National Park) Taiwan