8 ordeals of nature

In the brand-new remake of the movie Point Break “the Ozaki 8” is a challenge posed to the adundertaking sporting activities civilization for honor and the quest of adventure. The Ozaki eight extreme sporting activities “ordeals” are intfinished to honor the elements and also forces of nature while trial and error the abilities of “poly-athletes”.

Ono Ozaki, the creator of the ordeals referred to as “The Ozaki 8”, is a fictional too much athlete and also eco-warrior that wanted to lug public attention to environmental worries in the movie Point Break.

Ozaki posited that completing these nearly impossible jobs, each connecting with a particular aspect of nature (e.g., water, earth, air), would certainly carry public attention to crucial eco-friendly worries and also lug the poly-athlete one action closer to Nirvana.


Within the movie, Ono Ozaki dies after supposedly completing the initially “ordeal”. In his absence, a group of “extreme poly athletes”, very experienced in a broad range of extreme sporting activities, turned criminal, incorporating these too much sporting activities feats into whatever from bank robberies to weekfinish adendeavors to eco-terror attacks. Therein lies the plot of this Point Break remake.

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Whetheryou loved or hated the movie, you have to admit…the visuals and also the featsredeveloped in the film were fairly superior, and also influenced me to develop a listof tasks of my very own. First, let’s reviewthe Ozaki 8 ordeals…

The Ozaki 8 List

Extreme Sports Ordeals Honoring the Elements & Power of NatureEmerging Force: Whitewater rafting the Inga Rapids in the CongoBirth of Sky: BASE jumping from Mt. EverestAwakening Earth: Skydiving into the Cavern of Swallows in St. Louis Potosi, MexicoLife of Wind: A Wingsuit “proximity flight” flying between….Life of Ice: Snowboarding down an unridden mountainMaster of Six Lives: Free solo climb Angel Falls in VenezuelaAct of Ultimate Trust: Placing your life into the hands of nature

As declared in the movie, taking on even among the tasks from the Ozaki 8 is most likely to kill, but, the creators are on to an interesting layout.

A mellow day teaching myself to surf on Bali – among the core sports in “The Adendeavor 8”

From trekking to Everemainder Base Camp so rapid I risked altitude sickness, to almost drowning while finding out to surf in double overhead waves, to skirting by warzones to volunteer refugees, my travels have been defined and also amplified by experiences, we may also call them ordeals, that push my limits and associated me even more through the herbal people and real human being in it.

With this in mind, I sat dvery own and recreated a more controllable list of sports (rather of feats) to suffer and hone. I aimed for a list of sporting activities and experiences that incorporate as bit modern technology as possible and also put us in touch with nature as a lot as feasible.

The minimalist, self-reliant nature of each sport will certainly undoubtedly difficulty you physically. In revolve, the endure will certainly push you to stay at your physical top throughout your very own search of “the 8”.

The stripped nature of each sport, utilizing as little bit modern technology as feasible and incorporating the aspects and also forces of nature as much as possible would force one to attach with nature.

A great memory of a celebratory handstand after a speedy solo-trek to Everemainder Base Camp in Nepal – another staple sport in the Ozaki 8 motivated “Adendeavor 8”

In this ever more linked and urbanized world we live in, this list of sports would press us to endeavor better amethod from the cities and metropolises many of us live in and closer to the locations wbelow real adendeavors live.

By picking take a trip destinations that sell the best possibilities to connect in each sport of this “Adventure 8”, the end result will be much better travel, even more adventurous, healthy in nature, and also encourages physical, psychological, and even spiritual advance inevitably motivating us to adventure greater, deeper, and also better – outwardly and also internally.

With this concept in mind – the pursuit of adventure and also link through the organic world, and the real world – I present to you, “The adundertaking 8“.

The Adundertaking 8:

Eight sporting activities that will press your travel right into the outdoors and in the direction of adventure

If you want to truly travel and also explore the world, not just the cities and human being hives, yet the whole world…the genuine world – the BBC Planet Earth world, the backnation, the Andes, the Himalayas, the countless islands in Southeastern Asia, the areas wbelow giants swim and the air is thin – what would certainly that travel look like? How would you execute it? I think you would certainly carry out it prefer this…

The Adventure 8

Kayaking – suffering the power of water coming from its sourceMountaineering and also trekking – enduring the greatness of mountainsSkydiving – experiencing the skyWingsuit/Hanggliding – suffering windSnowboarding or Skiing – experiencing snow and iceRock climbing – experiencing the earth

Byconstructing your take a trip experiences approximately a few of these eight sports (whichpractically anyone deserve to do) I think you would certainly travel the civilization in a brand-new light, byseeing its furthest reaches in all climates and from brand-new perspectives. Eight sports to take on to readjust just how youtravel for the better.

Plus, a bonus…

9. Giving earlier –> volunteering in conservation and environmentalism

A fond memory from the unsupposed “adventure” of volunteering – teaching English in a refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.

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Afterit’s all done, I think you can acquire even even more by reflecting appreciation andoffering earlier. Giving back, to nature (andto the world) in a way that leaves it better than we found it and also in a way thatleaves even more for the following generation to reap.

So,we have actually a brand-new model and incentive for travel…currently what?

My New Layout of Travel Begins…

Over the following year, I plan to visit 49 more nations (to reach 100 total). To hit that goal, I’ll travel to even more unprevalent locations that are herbal playgrounds for outdoor & adventure travel, and the perfect locations to experience the “Adventure 8” while using each to adundertaking additionally and better.

Alongthe way, I’ll record the experiences, so you can share in the excitement (andpick your own sport of focus), I’ll show you just how you have the right to add one of thesehobbies to your list (on a limited budget and through restricted time), and I’ll layout ideas for destinations that you have the right to visit via much less than 10 days availableand also experience your adventure of choice in complicated, fulfilling, andrejuvenating means. So, continue to be tuned…

Do I have actually your attention? Are you curious?

Continue to Part 2: “The Adendeavor 8: A Design for Outdoor & Adventure Travel”

Want even more of “the Ozaki 8” in Action? Here are some real-life examples…

But what would the Ozaki 8 truly look like? Let’s take a look…

1. Emerging Force: Whitewater rafting the Inga Rapids in the Congo

Though the Inga Rapids seemed like a mythical feat in the movie Point Break (and with good reason), they are navigable. Watch this remarkable video below of a daring kayaker efficiently navigating the rapids.

2. Birth of Sky: BASE jumping from Mt. Everest

Wbelow better to fly from than the highest location on the planet? Nowhere – hence why this daring base jumper and wingsuiter took on the feat..and also appreciated eincredibly moment of it. Share in that excitement by watching this quick video of the adventure

3. Awakening Earth: Skydiving into the Cave of Swpermits in St. Louis Potosi, Mexico

The biggest cave shaft on earth is nothing brand-new for daring base jumpers and also skydivers. Plus, watching this footage of them living out a dream suffer is close to magical.

4. Life of Water: Surfing a wave over 60 feet tall

Big wave surfing is among those adrenaline packed sporting activities that proceeds to one up itself (cranking up the risk and also risk with eexceptionally new record). This footage of the Guinness World Record’s largest wave ever surfed is mind blowing.

5. Life of Wind: A Wingsuit “proximity flight” flying between….

In regards to proximity flights and also base jumping, the Point Break production team did an amazing task through these scenes. Insanely well choreographed, and no CGI. The world’s best wingsuit pilots were lugged in for the scene and the choreographed trip is just one of the best in history – and simply so happens to be an amazing scene in the movie.

6. Life of Ice: Snowboarding dvery own an unridden mountain

Riding an unridden line in snowboarding is no easy job. This indie film, First Descent, captures that stoke totally and also totally by gathering the best snowboarders on the scene onto a snowboarding expedition via Alaska. Alengthy the method they tally up plenty of first descents.

7. Master of Six Lives: Free solo climb Angel Falls in Venezuela

Though Angel Falls is an epic and also intense rock climb, the El Cap initially ascent (free soloing) by Alex Honnold is arguably the the majority of mind blowing to day. This National Geographic snippet of Alex Honnold’s would have substituted perfectly into Point Break