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Mr. Pijanowski brings over 30 years of skilled endure regarded laboratory operations and also scientific informatics.

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Throughout that time, Pat has served in miscellaneous functions focusing upon LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, laboratory instrumentation and also connected scientific data devices. 

Throughout the previous 6 years, he has actually managed a Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences consulting exercise within LabAnswer, and yielded strategic advisory solutions to many of the world’s peak life scientific researches establishments. Prior to joining LabAnswer, Pat served as the Chief Operating Officer for LabVantage Solutions, and also before joining LabVantage, he offered as the General Manager of the LIMS organization unit within Applied Biosystems.

Mr. Pat Pijanowski is now the Managing Director at Accenture Scientific Informatics Services after the acquisition of labAnswer by Accenture

Mr. Pat Pijanowski as likewise presented at #PLA2017 presentation LabAnswer: "Transformational Solutions start with an extensive information strategy"



Trust, and also the integrity of financial transactions are at the heart of today’s digital economy. In a lot the exact same way, trust and the integrity of our scientific data are at the heart of today’s human being of digital science.

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While considerable investment has gotten in the automation and digitalization of the laboratory over the previous decade, life scientific researches companies’ digital efforts are still mostly constrained by modern technology constraints wherein indevelopment is recorded in a database, transmitted to another database (owned by a separate internal or external stakeholder) and also then reconciled. This exreadjust of information in between units is regularly a room of excellent regulatory risk and operational price.

Blockchain’s capability to generate trust about the concerns of data provenance and the automated sharing of data has actually the potential to allow life scientific researches companies to break via some of these innovation constraints, enabling higher operational effectiveness and also decreased compliance hazard.

The speaker will share insights and a vision of the future about the promise of Blockchain technology as it uses to clinical information management



Accenture Scientific Informatics Services (ASIS) is the world’s leading and largest consultancy dedicated to scientific and also laboratory informatics (including LIMS, ELN, LES, CDS and also SDMS). ASIS brings together LabAnswer’s capabilities in laboratory informatics and also scientific data administration through Accenture’s consulting specialization, sector platforms, invention capabilities and also global scale. We specialize in helping companies strategize, architect, implement and assistance their clinical information management and laboratory automation projects. Together, Accenture and also LabAnswer will certainly supply transdevelopmental and also scalable options, and also help our clients drive scientific development and also rise operational effectiveness.