All City Nature Boy Disc Review

The All-City Nature Boy has lengthy been one of my favorite bikes.

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Due to the fact that it was presented it has been touted as a do-anything sort of bike. Commute on it. Race on it. Tour on it. The simplicity of a single-speed cyclocross framework is constantly overstated, however the flexibility of a bike choose this is oft overlooked. 


When All-City announced that they would be updating their well known cross bike to a much more race oriented product, I got a small excited. I"d constantly wondered what the Nature Boy would certainly be choose if it were lighter and also stiffer. Take ameans the dozen bolts and bosses, lighten the tube set, throw a nice carbon fork on tright here. The Nature Boy A.C.E. brings those wishes to fruition. 

I went from racing on an old stock Nature Boy that provides All-City"s 612 tube set; even more or much less a quality chromoly tubing, to a brand new bike through their new A.C.E. tubing. All marketing jargon aside, the new Nature Boy has kind of a "springy" quality to it.

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It feels like it wants to jump ahead as soon as you mash dvery own on the pedals. I noticed this as shortly as I took it on my first ride, best out of the alley behind my apartment and I felt the exact same sensation at the bike"s initially cross race. 

The new A.C.E. frame collection is over a pound lighter than the conventional Nature Boy, which is a bonus. The ovalized optimal tube helps shouldering a small bit, however allows be genuine, running through a 20 pound steel bike on your shoulder directly up sucks. Luckily there"s hardly any type of shouldering compelled in our region"s cross races.

Once cross seaboy was over I converted the bike over to a geared setup for gravel riding and I"m happy to uncover simply how comfortable the Nature Boy rides over long distances. All-City did a good job tuning the ride high quality of this frame; it"s stiff where you want it, comfortable where you require it. 

The eccentric bottom bracket? I might do without. I had actually concerns setting it up but please take my words with a grain of salt (anyone that knows me knows I"m the worst mechanic). To my very own crmodify, after a dozen cross races and also several lengthy gravel rides, the offered bottom bracket sounds prefer an empty spray paint deserve to. I"d recommend replacing it with something of greater high quality. 

The Nature Boy A.C.E. additionally comes in a geared version called the Macho King. It does ameans through the eccentric bottom bracket in favor of a standard english threaded product. If you don"t have actually any kind of interemainder in racing single rate cross, get the Macho King.