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Welpertained to my Almo Nature cat litter testimonial. I sometimes spfinish my days advising people on cat toilets. Yes. you read that correctly! When I visit a cat guardian’s home I am always eager to view the litter tray and cat litter they have actually chosen to use. Why? Due to the fact that it is a vital facet of sharing room via a cat and also all toilet decisions must be spot on to avoid crashes about the residence.

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I had actually been looking for a soft sand prefer litter substprice for some time so once, at a recent National Pet Show at NEC in Birmingham, I came across a new litter by Almo Nature, I was curious and also incredibly interested. It took me secs to realise the Almo Nature CatLitter was the softest litter on the market to date and also that my search had pertained to an finish.


Almo Nature CatLitter is an all-natural, biodegradable, compostable and also flushable cat litter made from vegetable fibers.

The high-performance litter harnesses the power of starch from vegetable fibers for super-fast clumping activity, leaving the neighboring litter and also tray perfectly clean. Furthermore, the plant enzymes quickly neutralize odors, offering safe, natural security from any nasty odors. That renders it perfect in my eyes.

The number one benefit of Almo Nature cat litter is that it’s super soft on the paws of a cat and additionally resembles the texture of what they would certainly dig in the wild (sand also or earth). This is best for ALL cats but particularly right for declawed, disabled or elderly cats.

Other benefits are:


Liquids are absorbed and also reprimary trapped in a thin clump on the surconfront, leaving both the tray and also the continuing to be litter clean

Urine is absorbed instantly, neutralizing poor odors
Consumption of approximately 1.1 lb of litter per week* once utilizing a 0.8 in base of product as instructed (0.8 in = 2.2 lb of product/ 12 x 16 in tray)

Light to bring, easy to save and long-lasting (approximate consumption is 1.1 lb per week as soon as a 0.8 in base is established)


100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, disposal in the comarticle and also flushable**


Produced utilizing only vegetable fibers and also is additive-free, so it’s safe for your cat and the whole family


100% vegetable product, biodegradable and complimentary of additives and toxic agents

* Typical intake for a 9 lb cat using a 12 x 16 in tray
** See regional regulations. Never flush the entire tray of litter down the toilet, just the solid clumps.


The expense of the Almo Nature CatLitter is greater than various other cat litters however will last longer and also is worth the investment rather than taking care of unhappy cats walking on litter substrates they discover unappealing. It is also worth spfinishing a bit more for the best cat litter because, allows challenge it, hiring a behaviourist to address any type of toilet problems plus having to change carpets and furniture that smell of urine, can run into thousands of pounds and is very stressful.

Almo Nature cat litter testimonial CONCLUSION

My wait is lastly over. The brand-new Almo Nature CatLitter gets 5 outta 5 stars from me and is the softest cat friendly litter I have actually ever discovered. I will certainly be highly recommending this cat litter to every one of my clients and have actually switched to this for my very own 2 cats that are extremely very happy cats indeed.

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I was not paid for this testimonial and my evaluation is based on trying this product out on my very own two cats Kiki and Zaza (below) plus several cat clients of mine.



Specializing in dog and also cat food, Almo Nature was founded in 2000 thanks to the intuition and endure of Pier Giovanni Capellino, a long-time entrepreneur in the field. Almo Nature’s ideology revolves about the top quality and also beginning of the ingredients supplied for its dog and cat food in order to formulate recipes according to their point of view, which has been the official positioning statement for years.

Almo Nature was the first agency in the human being to present a wet pet food line entirely contained ingredients fit for huguy intake (HFC). The agency produced a dry food line directly afterward, presenting the world’s first HFC kibble for dogs and also cats under the name aLternative.

More newly, Almo Nature reinvented the cat litter industry with the launch of its innovative CatLitter. With no chemical components of any kind of type and also of all-herbal origin, this litter is distinguiburned by its safety and impressive performance: a bag of 5 lbs assures up to 4 weeks of hygiene (for an average cat of 9 lbs).

From the begin, Almo Nature has actually continuously set new requirements with ever-innovative product lines, and also a flourishing commitment to solidarity projects for cats, dogs and also wildlife. This commitment led Almo Nature to adopt a new signature: pet food + aLmore

Almo Nature has actually grown into a “pocket multinational” with its headquarters in Genoa and also smaller offices in Germany, Switzerland also, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA of America, and also has become a benchmark and also expertise facility for invention in the market.

Spurred on by love and respect for nature and our companion animals, Almo Nature’s founder, Pier Giovanni Capellino decided to use all firm earnings, from January 2018 onwards, to invest in solidarity jobs for dogs, cats and also biodiversity. It is the start of a new structure, called Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation) and also the start of a brand-new placing statement for the Almo Nature brand: owned by the animals.

The foundation has a creative socio-financial model: a non-profit foundation (Fondazione Capellino) via the single objective of defending dogs and cats and also maintaining biodiversity, linked along with a agency (labor + financial capital + branded products), whose earnings enable it to seek an aim of general interest. This way, the animals, and the customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of Almo Nature.

“… and we are not preventing there, as we will certainly proceed to develop innovative dog and cat foods, formulated with high high quality ingredients, for the health of our companion animals.”

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Anita is the author of two cat books ‘Cregulations. Confessions Of A Professional Cat Groomer‘, publimelted by John Blake and also Let’s Talk About Cats. Conversations On Feline Behaviour