Angel Eyes Nature Boy

Angel Eyes(2001)
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Running time:not on fileShipping date:May 15th, 2001
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Album Tracklist
1.Angel Eyes - Tamara Walker<3:46>
2.Turning Amethod - Mary Black<4:52>
3.Good Morning Beautiful - Steve Holy<3:31>
4.Here in My Heart - Nicol Smith<3:51>

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You Are - Leann Rimes<3:44> complete tracklist
Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
In a Sentipsychological Mood - Dennis Smith
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Tright here is a point in this movie where Catch plays a song on the sax in a club. What is that song? Thanks for your help.(from Brianin Portland, Or)
A:"Nature Boy," performed by Jon Hasoffer for the movie. It"s track 10 on the soundtrack CD. (many thanks to OSTi)include even more info
Q:What is the song that Capture plays on the trumpet? (from Farhad Vaziriin Iran)
A:"Nature Boy," performed by Jon Hassell for the movie. It"s track 10 on the soundtrack CD. (thanks to OSTi)include even more info
Q:Who percreated the track "In a Sentipsychological Mood" in this movie?(from Carthagoin Netherlands)
A:Dennis Smith. (many thanks to Anthony,N. Chicback, IL USA)include even more info
Q:Who sings the extremely first song referred to as "Angel Eyes" playing in the credits?(from nadinein syracusage,n.y.)
A:Tamara Walker (thanks to Ria,Auckland, New Zealand)add even more info
Q:Who played the trumpet music in the blues bar?(from tomin glasco,ks.)
A:Amazing song, "Nature Boy" perdeveloped by Jon Hasoffer, and also is Track 11 in the soundtrack. see right here (thanks to Trejos84,San Jose, Costa Rica.)add more info
Q:When Jlo and Catcher are dancing prior to he percreates, what song are they dancing too?...from Sheilain nyc(answer Sheila"s question)
Q:What song is playing as soon as Catcher asks Jennifer Lopez out and also they swim in the lake?...from randyin Nigeria(answer randy"s question)
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