Ap Biology 2010 Free Response


Can anyone administer me wth finish answers to all 4 of these totally free responses?

I had actually no principle what to compose for the F2 phenoform question yet the ecological succession question was pretty self explanatory.

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Here were my answers, any comments welcome:

**1. Homeostatic maintenance of optimal blood glucose levels has actually been intensively stupassed away in vertebprice organisms:/B 1.glucagon and also insulin are 2 pancreatic hormones 2. glucagon heightens blood sugar levels, insulin lowers blood sugar levels 3. they work-related in a feedback system to preserve homeostasis(B) 1. insulin= instance taracquire cell is glycogen cell in liver 2. signal-transduction pathway: reception is receiving of signal, transduction is transformation of the signal to a intracellular signal, and also response is the response created by the signal.(C) 1. steroid hormones straight diffuse 2. protein hormones use signal-transduction pathmethods 3. this difference is because of structure (I described protein and also steroid structure briefly)

2. An experiment was conducted to meacertain the reaction price of the humale salidiffer enzyme α-amylase. Ten mL of a focused starch solution and also 1.0 mL of α-amylase solution were placed in a test tube. The test tube was inverted a number of times to mix the solution and then incubated at 25°C. The amount of product (maltose) current was measured every 10 minutes for an hour. The outcomes are given in the table listed below.

(A) just a graph (B) the enzymes got to saturation allude or maximum velocity; I then defined that. (C) I predicted that the enzymes would develop product twice as fast and reach saturation allude twice as fast (D) I discussed temperature and pH, and also the optimal arrays of both, and also just how the wrong pH or temperature would perhaps cease the reaction.

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3. A new species of fly was discovered on an island in the South Pacific. Several various crosses were performed, each making use of 100 females and also 100 males. The phenotypes of the parents and also the resulting offspring were recorded.

(A) Cross I: bronze eyes are dominant to red eyes; complies with Mendelian inheritance. Cross II: stunted wings are dominant to normal wings; adheres to Mendelian inheritance. Explained the concepts of prominence and also inheritance.(B) Cross III: the genes for bronze eyes are linked to the genes for stunted wings and also the genes for red eyes are linked to normal wings; but, they were much enough acomponent that a noticeable rate of crossover occurred; defined principles of link and also crossover. (C) I chose migration and genetic drift; the former is self-explanatory (though I described it on the test) and the latter is genetic change due to possibility (e.g. earthquakes kill fifty percent of the population). There are, I think, around 3 more possible factors you can cite though.

**4. The diagram above reflects the succession of communities from yearly plants to hardtimber trees in a certain area over a duration of time./B kind of general; I sassist that pioneer organisms, favor lichens, would certainly grow and also then more complicated species would colonize the area, choose bushes, climaxing to trees. (B) I said that wind, sunlight, and soil nutrients were all abiotic factors that can result in the development of the location or succession.(C) (i) immediate: would certainly be leveled and also soil destroyed long-term: primary succession (explained it) (ii) immediate: soil layer is left intact however neighborhood is destroyed long-term: additional succession (explained it)Note: #4 I did not know that well. Kind of a vague question.