Ap Biology Midterm Study Guide


Studying for AP Biology is a big undertaking, and it can seem pretty overwhelming at first. But if you acquire a very early begin and also have the ideal tactics and tools available, you stand a solid possibility of getting a great score on the test.

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In this complete AP Biology study guide, we"re giving you via all the resources you need to bring out a concentrated, effective examine setup. I"ll give you the a lot of advantageous information out tbelow so you can begin your journey to a 5 (nope, it"s not also ambitious!).


2021 AP Test Changes Due to COVID-19

Due to the recurring COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, AP tests will now be organized over three different sessions between May and also June. Your test days, and also whether or not your tests will certainly be digital or on paper, will depend on your institution. To learn even more around exactly how all of this is going to work-related and also gain the latest information on test days, AP online testimonial, and also what these alters indicates for you, be sure to check out our 2021 AP COVID-19 FAQ write-up.

What"s the Purpose of This AP Biology Study Guide?

This AP Biology study guide will offer you the tools you must prepare for the final AP Biology test and any kind of assessments you encounter in your course throughout the year.

In the first area, I will provide you some advice on exactly how to structure your research arrangement for the AP test depending upon your level of preparation and the amount of time you have prior to the exam. You might decide to skip this area if you"re not all set to begin examining for the last exam yet, yet you have the right to additionally check out it to acquire an concept of how you will organize things in the future.

In the next area, I"ll provide some examine techniques that will certainly assist you acquire the a lot of out of the information and sources consisted of in this guide. Access to content will not get you a good score unless you know how to absorb it efficiently and use it to the format of the test!

In the 2 sections following these tips, I"ll link to notes you deserve to use to study various facets of the course. The first area covers all the standard content that"s taught in AP Biology, arranged by the course"s four "Big Ideas" (or primary themes). The second section will certainly attach to descriptions of each of the labs you"ll have to be acquainted via in this course in instance you lost any kind of reports from previously in the year!

Finally, I"ll administer a list of virtual sources you can usage to exercise your AP Biology abilities and testimonial the ideas you"ve learned.

2 Options for AP Biology Study Plans

Before you decide on a study plan, I advise you to take a practice test to see where you"re presently scoring. You have the right to use a test in a review book or look digital for full-size tests.

It"s best to prioritize main exercise exams over unofficial ones. Unfortunately, bereason the AP Bio test readjusted in 2020, tright here are no complimentary official practice exams that complement the new format (tbelow are, however, a few completely updated AP Biology tests easily accessible via AP Classroom).

Here are the official AP Bio exams presently obtainable online:

Once you take and also score your practice test, you have the right to think more critically about exactly how a lot time you"ll need to spend examining for AP Biology. I"ll give you examples of two study plans.

The 10-hour setup is if you"re hoping to enhance by 1 AP allude or simply hone your abilities so that you"re even more solidly in the 5 variety. The 20-hour plan is for students who desire to improve by about 2 AP points.

Each setup has the same four components, which we present below.

#1: Take Practice Tests

After taking a diagnostic test, you will certainly need to proceed taking practice exams as you research for AP Biology. This is a method to examine your development and gain acquainted via the format of the test so that you aren"t recorded off-guard on exam day.

Remember that the test format adjusted in 2020, so be certain to familiarize yourself via the particular alters. You can review more around the restyle in the AP Bio Course and Exam Description.

#2: Analyze Mistakes on Practice Tests

This is a critical component of AP Biology researching. After you take a practice test, you need to sit dvery own and also go via your mistakes to view which content areas provided you the many trouble. This will certainly assist you stop studying irpertinent ideas and also neglecting the locations in which your knowledge is weakest.

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#3: Study Weak Content Areas

Based on the information you learn from analyzing your mistakes, you have the right to focus on the content locations that need the a lot of work. Your goal is to patch up all the holes prior to you take another AP Biology exercise test.

#4: Revise Test-Taking Strategies

This is one more step you need to take after analyzing your mistakes on your AP Bio exercise test. If you made mistakes as a result of time pressure or careless errors, think around altering your test-taking methods to stop this later. Try not to linger for even more than a minute on tough concerns. Underline the the majority of vital components of each question to assist you understand also what you need to be concentrating on.

Below are the 2 AP Biology examine plans damaged down into their various components, with some rough guidelines for exactly how much time you must spfinish on each action.

Option 1: 10-Hour AP Biology Study Plan

Analyze your mistakes on the diagnostic test: 1.5 hoursStudy appropriate content locations and revise test-taking strategies: 2 hoursTake and score one more exercise test: 4 hoursAnalyze your mistakes on the second practice test: 1.5 hoursFinal study session: 1 hour

Option 2: 20-Hour AP Biology Study Plan

Analyze your mistakes on the diagnostic test: 1.5 hoursStudy appropriate content locations and also revise test-taking strategies: 3 hoursTake and also score another practice test: 4 hoursAnalyze your mistakes on the second practice test: 1.5 hoursStudy content locations that are providing you trouble and also revise test-taking strategies: 3 hoursTake and also score a third practice test: 4 hoursAnalyze your mistakes: 1.5 hoursFinal study session: 1.5 hours


When I do crossword puzzles, I occasionally grade myself, so they"re similar to AP exercise tests other than with no reward beyond the satisfactivity of learning arcane indevelopment that is commonly completely irappropriate to my life. Fun fact: the apostrophe in Hawaiian words is dubbed an okina.

4 Essential AP Biology Study Strategies

AP Biology is a difficult class that covers loads of complicated indevelopment. If you desire to usage this guide to prepare properly for the AP test and various other exams throughout the year, you"ll need to use study tactics that enhance the material. Here are four references.

#1: When in Doubt, Draw It Out

If you"re feeling shaky on your understanding of a process or device in AP Biology, one helpful strategy is to attract it. This will both reinpressure what you recognize and highlight what you still should occupational on discovering. Once you"re able to draw an exact diagram of a system or procedure without looking at your notes, you can feel confident that you understand exactly how it functions.

For instance, you might difficulty yourself to draw a diagram of a cell membrane, label its various components, and also define their meaning. You could also attract a process like mitosis that happens in clear visual stages, or a more complex process prefer cellular respiration wbelow you could emphasis on one element at a time (glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron carry chain).

This advice ties right into the next strategy on this list. If you deserve to draw a diagram, you haven"t just memorized facts—you"ve connected them to their location within a bigger context.

#2: Don"t Just Memorize—Make Connections

The emphasis of AP Biology concerns is asking students to show a deeper knowledge of facility biological principles. Memorization is important for the test, yet it will not get you a good score if you perform it in isolation.

Each term or concept in AP Biology is connected to a larger design template, and it"s your job to understand those relationships and also their effects. This will certainly permit you to answer questions on the test that ask you to analyze theoretical scenarios based upon your biology understanding.

So if you"re studying DNA structure and replication, you shouldn"t simply memorize the names of the nucleotides and the enzymes that help in DNA replication. These points are necessary, and you should understand them—however you must go past this type of knowledge.

How does DNA go from just a chain of molecules inside a cell to the foundation of eextremely organism"s individuality? How does it relate to reproduction and gene expression? How is it analyzed into the development of other units in the body? Each truth that you memorize need to lead you to ask yourself concerns favor this to ground your expertise.

Biology is not a collection of random tidbits of indevelopment however fairly a internet of interconnected principles. The clearer this bepertains to you, the better!