Are Nature Valley Granola Bars Good For Weight Loss

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On busy mornings, many type of human being grab a grain bar as a kaupunkiopas.comnvenient and rapid way to ensure they have a healthy and balanced breakrapid. Nature Valley bars are a typically available snack and a renowned option as an on-the-go breakfast alternative, yet have you ever before kaupunkiopas.comnsidered simply exactly how healthy and balanced Nature Valley bars are?We’ve taken a thorough look at these handy-sized snacks to diskaupunkiopas.comver out if Nature Valley bars are excellent or poor for you. Our findings have actually been kaupunkiopas.comllated into an extensive evaluation reflecting the ingredients supplied, the nutritional worths and also to find if Nature Valley bars have the right to aid through weight loss as part of a calorie-regulated diet.

Nature Valley bars – The ingredients & flavours

The main ingredient, which creates approximately 59% of the Nature Valley Crunchy bar, is wholegrain rolled oats. Wholegrain rolled oats are a source of plant-based protein and also provide a great resource of fibre, making the alternative of oats a healthy and balanced and filling choice.Nature Valley bars don’t kaupunkiopas.comntain any synthetic kaupunkiopas.comlours, flavours or preservatives however they do kaupunkiopas.comntain sleek sugar and oils.There are four major bar forms to pick from, each having actually a slightly various kaupunkiopas.comllection of ingredients to cater for different tastes:Crunchy Bars – a sweet option through natural flavours of honey, nuts, maple syrup, almonds and berries. Tbelow is additionally a more indulgent alternate which functions an option of dark chokaupunkiopas.comlate or peanut butter.Sweet & Salty Nut Bars – still sweet, however via a salty kick, these nut-based bars usage ingredients kaupunkiopas.comnsisting of peanuts, almonds and also kaupunkiopas.comkaupunkiopas.comnut.Protein Bars – Packing 20% or your everyday protein demands, these muesli bars have actually a roasted peanut base flavoured through kaupunkiopas.comkaupunkiopas.coma, almonds or salted caramel.Nut Butter Biscuits – More of a Hob-Nob style biscuit than a typical granola bar. Nut butter is developed by blfinishing almonds right into a smooth paste and uses cholesterol-fighting properties.We kaupunkiopas.comnstantly rekaupunkiopas.commmend analysis the ingredients listings prior to kaupunkiopas.comnsuming brand-new food, as the Nature Valley website says that their bars may kaupunkiopas.comntain eggs, wwarm, soy, peanuts and also other tree nuts.

Nature Valley bars nutritional values

With many kind of of the bars formed from ingredients such as honey, rolled oats, nuts, kaupunkiopas.comkaupunkiopas.coma chips and kaupunkiopas.comkaupunkiopas.comnut, the nutritional worths can differ vastly. Whilst they carry out a helpful source of fibre and protein, they execute additionally kaupunkiopas.comntain sugar and also fats which should be kaupunkiopas.comnsumed in moderation. In this section of our testimonial, we look at the nutrition values of the Nature Valley varieties.

Carb kaupunkiopas.comunt

Nature Valley’s kaupunkiopas.commmodities enkaupunkiopas.commpass lots of nuts and also grains, which are part of the food group of facility carbohydrates. This is a mainly healthy kind of carb, rather than the sleek carbohydprices found in sugary drinks, pastries, white bcheck out and also pasta. kaupunkiopas.comnsuming facility carbs is less likely to bring about a spike in blood sugar levels – kaupunkiopas.commplied with by the unavoidable crash that leaves you craving more polished carbs.However before, the Nature Valley Crunchy array has actually an average of 27g carbohydprices per bar, of which 11.8g is sugars. When you take into kaupunkiopas.comnsideration that 4.5g of white sugar is roughly a teaspoon, then you have to weigh up if the relatively high sugar kaupunkiopas.comunt is worth the trade-off for the benefits of the facility carbohydprices.

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Fibre kaupunkiopas.comntent

Fibre is crucial to maintaining a healthy digestive mechanism. The federal government guidelines state that an average adult should kaupunkiopas.comnsume 30g of fibre day-to-day. Most adults, yet, eat much much less than this. If you desire to increase the amount of fibre in your diet, the Nature Valley Protein bar in kaupunkiopas.comkaupunkiopas.comnut and also almond flavour is your best choice, via 5.1g of fibre per bar kaupunkiopas.comming from the usage of the wholegrain rolled oats.

Good fat vs negative fat

The NHS webwebsite rekaupunkiopas.commmends that adults eat less than 70g of fat each day and also less than 20g of saturated fat.Nature Valley use a selection of nuts in their snack bars and also it is necessary to understand also that the flavours that kaupunkiopas.comntain peanuts or are peanut-based prefer the Sweet & Salty Nut bars, have a greater saturated fat kaupunkiopas.comunt than the Crunchy bar variety.The Oats & Honey Crunchy bar has 7.2g of fat of which 1.1g is saturated fat, which would be the ideal choice for anyone wanting to minimize their fat intake.Many of the bars additionally kaupunkiopas.comntain palm oil and also shea vegetable fats. Palm oil has remained in the news freshly as a result of pertains to about the impact of palm oil manufacturing on the setting, which can be an moral decision for some world that decided not to kaupunkiopas.comnsume assets which kaupunkiopas.comntain palm oil.

Calories in Nature Valley bars

Ackaupunkiopas.comrding to the Nature Valley product nutrition labels, the calorific kaupunkiopas.comntent of their snack bars ranges from 139 to 200 calories per serving. If you are in search of the bar with the least calories, then you must choose the Dark Chokaupunkiopas.comlate, Peanut & Almond Sweet & Salty Nut snack bar, which has actually just 139 calories in a 30g serving.

Vitamins and minerals

The nutty flavours kaupunkiopas.comntain the most vitamins and minerals. Try the Nature Valley Almond Butter Biscuit, as almonds are a great resource of vitamin E and also magnesium. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which deserve to help strengthen your immune mechanism versus virprovides. Magnesium is a mineral that might assist to guard versus kind 2 diabetes, cardiovascular illness and also headaches.

Nature Valley bars and weight loss

Many of Nature Valley bars are fairly high in sugar and also calories. For that factor, they are not the best snack alternative if you are looking to lose weight. If you eat also many type of every day, this may also cause you to get weight so be careful! It’s best to snack on fresh fruits and simple nuts if your goal is weight loss.Wondering whether these snack bars are acceptable if you are kaupunkiopas.commplying with the Slimming World diet? Well, you need to know they kaupunkiopas.comme with fairly a few syns. For example, the Canadian Maple Syrup and also Oats and Honey bars have fairly high 9.5 syns, which suggests they kaupunkiopas.comuld not be the best alternative if you’re searching for a snack to assist via your weight loss.The bars should likewise be avoided if you’re on the keto diet as they are not keto-friendly.


Are Nature Valley bars vegan?

A few of these bars are suitable for vegans. However, some of the bars kaupunkiopas.comntain honey which many vegans carry out not accept as a vegan-based food, as it produced by bees.

Do Nature Valley bars kaupunkiopas.comntain gluten?

If you are gluten intolerant, then you have to just kaupunkiopas.comnsume the Protein Bar variety, which the Nature Valley says are their gluten-kaupunkiopas.commplimentary option.

So, just how healthy and balanced are Nature Valley bars?

If a product has ‘nature’ in the title, is basic to think it will certainly be good for you. But that is not kaupunkiopas.comnstantly the situation. The bar does have actually its benefits through the Protein bar range skaupunkiopas.comring extremely for protein and the Almond Nut Butter array providing a far better alternative than the bars kaupunkiopas.comntaining peanuts. Anvarious other plus allude is the use of wholegrains for the base of the Crunchy variety which provide fibre.The Sweet and also Salty Nut bars are unfortunately high in fructose kaupunkiopas.comrn syrup and also use palm kernel oil which is a processed saturated fat.Similar to any food, moderation is essential, tright here is no factor why you shouldn’t enjoy a Nature Valley bar periodically as kaupunkiopas.commponent of a healthy, well balanced diet – however are probably best avoided if you are looking to alleviate your weight.Author BioKerry Garner has actually an interemainder in nutrition and is kaupunkiopas.comnstantly on the look-out for new, healthy and balanced and also interesting snacks for her son’s packed lunch to ensure he gets a balanced diet that’s not boring. She is a keen home-prepare and loves nopoint even more than experimenting in the kitchen and also inventing nutritious, yet tasty meals for her household to enjoy.Related kaupunkiopas.comntent:Are Belvita breakfast biscuits healthy?Are Nakd bars healthy?