Continuing our Diaper Brand Spotlight series, this particular day we’re concentrating on Bambo Nature diapers. What"s in them, what isn"t in them, wbelow they"re made and what I favor around them.

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With gazillions of different diaper brands out tright here, it’s difficult to recognize which ones to buy for your baby. By doing your research study and also comparing the brands, you can narrow down the list of diapers you’d favor to attempt. Here we’ve gathered all the indevelopment around Bambo Nature diapers in one convenient write-up for you.


*Disclaimer: This article is in no means funded or endorsed by Bambo Nature™. I’m simply a mama who knows exactly how to use her key-board to find indevelopment. Any mistakes or inaccuracies in this short article are my own, and I will gladly correct them with the right indevelopment, when I know around it. To find further indevelopment around Bambo Nature diapers, visit their website




My review of Bambo Nature Diapers

Here’s my entirely subjective testimonial of Bambo Nature diapers. These diapers are exceptionally soft. They are a really trim diaper, not “fluffy” at all, yet they organize many liquid. Bambo Nature diapers execute run a little bit on the significant side, and also their sizes run differently than the ‘standard’ US diaper brands. Never fear, I’ve got their size chart detailed below to aid stop any kind of confusion.

Truth time, this was one of my favorite diapers for my youngest baby. They are super-soft and hold a lot. They are extremely expensive, yet are one of the peak eco-friendly diapers for excellent reason.


Bambo Nature recently released their LOVE collection, which has an updated architecture. They are still offering their CLASSIC variation of the diapers currently. You can purchase either from their website or on Amazon. Diaper Dabbler carries their LOVE collection, as I believe this is the updated variation of their diaper.


What’s NOT in a Bambo Nature diaper?

-No dye

-No perfume

-No harmful chemicals

-No recognized allergens


What’s in a Bambo Nature diaper?

-Absorbent made from polyacrylate (SAP) and also cellushed (ECF fluff)

-Wetness indicator (on all sizes)



Sample 6 brands of eco-friendly diapers INCLUDING Bambo Nature in our Mother Planet Diaper Sampler Package. Available in dimension 1 or dimension 3.


What certifications does Bambo Nature have?

-Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Bambo Nature diapers were evaluated for their ecological affect throughout their entire life cycle


-Asthma and Allergy Nordic

This label certifies the smallest hazard of leading to allergy, eczema or skin irritation to the user. Bambo Nature diapers contain no fillers, perfumes or formaldehyde.


-FSC Certified

The absorbent fluff pulp is FSC certified from responsible sources


-EcoCert Cosmos

This label certifies Bambo Nature diapers contain at leastern 95% naturally sourced ingredients and satisfy high environmentally friendly requirements.


-Dermatologically tested

Independently tested to ensure that also world with sensitive skin deserve to usage Bambo Nature diapers


Find even more indevelopment on Bambo Nature’s certifications on their website


Bambo Nature size chart

Size 14-11 lbs.

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Size 27-13 lbs.
Size 39-20 lbs.
Size 415-40 lbs.
Size 524-55 lbs. (Training Pants 26-44 lbs.)
Size 633-66 lbs. (Training Pants 40+ lbs.)

Bambo Nature makes Training Pants in sizes 5 and also 6.

Bambo Nature does not make specific Overnight diapers, yet boast that their diapers do organize as much as frequent wetting overnight.


Bambo Nature diapers are made in Dennote, and their weight arrays are slightly various than the prevalent US sizes. Pay close attention as soon as ordering.

The Diaper Sample Packs that Diaper Dabbler labels as "fits like" dimension 1 are Bambo Nature dimension 2. The Diaper Sample Packs that Diaper Dabbler labels as "fits like" size 3 are Bambo Nature dimension 4.



Wbelow are Bambo Nature diapers made?

Bambo Nature diapers are developed in Dennote.



But just how perform Bambo Nature diapers work?

The reviews virtual are pretty positive, yet you won’t recognize exactly how a diaper functions for YOUR baby until you give them a try! Try a sample for yourself, and acquire a couple of other brands to compare side-by-side. What perform you choose best?


Bambo Nature diapers are easily accessible in Diaper Dabbler’s Sampler Packages! Find them in the Mvarious other Earth Diaper Sampler Package size 1 or dimension 3, Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package, Natural Choice for New Babies Diaper Sampler Package, Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package, or Build your very own practice Diaper Sampler Package in size 1 or size 3.





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