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OverviewAfter it was initially announced that Lycanroc would certainly be receiving a Dusk Form in Pokemon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon, the majority of players had actually a feeling it would certainly be the finest develop for Lycanroc, competitively speaking. And, for the a lot of part, this is true. Sure, it isn"t fairly as quick as its Midday Form and it isn"t as bulky as its Midnight Form, but Lycanroc is its Dusk Form holds the the majority of offensive power between all 3.

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+Attack Stat: A Base Attack Stat of 117 is nopoint to take lightly. Couple this through its Tough Clegislations Ability, and you has a Pokemon that hits very tough.

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+Tough Clegislations Ability: This literally takes Dusk Form Lycanroc over the top, further including to its currently exceptional offensive power.

+Speed Stat: It could be a tiny slower than its Midday Form, however a Base Speed Stat of 110 still sees Dusk Form Lycanroc outspeed tons of other Pokemon.

Negatives-Pure Rock Typing: Many players wish Dusk Form Lycanroc can have even more than one keying so it could acquire an extra STAB Attack, however a Mono Rock Typing is still all it has actually.

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-Stone Edge: It"s Dusk Form Lycanroc"s best Attack, and also yet it does not obtain the rise from Tough Claws. Seriously?

AbilitiesTough Claws: Dusk Form Lycanroc"s only ability; yet, it does wonders by increasing moves that make physical call via opposing foes by 30%. Sweet.

Recommend MovesetsSwords Dance Moveset- Swords Dance- Stone Edge- Drill Run- Fire Fang / AccelerockItem Attached: Life Orb / Lycanium ZAbility: Tough ClawsNature: JollyEVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed

This moveset is basically the exact same one you see via Midday Form Lycanroc, and the strategy behind it is pretty sindicate. All you must really do it gain off one Swords Dance, and then start to move any kind of and all competition that you outrate through the assist of Stone Edge, Drill Run and Fire Fang. Accelerock can be supplied rather of Fire Fang as a result of its priority, yet you will shed the additional coverage versus Grass Types. Life Orb provides Lycanroc via all the even more power, while Lycanium Z provides it basically a guarantee OHKO against virtually any kind of enemy.

Happy Hour Z Moveset- Happy Hour- Stone Edge- Drill Run- Fire FangItem Attached: Normalium ZAbility: Tough ClawsNature: AdamantEVs: 104 HP / 252 Atk / 152 Spe

This set is basically identical to the first, except that it"s based roughly utilizing Happy Hour Z. After doing so, every one of Dusk Form Lycanroc"s stats are enhanced by one phase. It will not hit as solid as the initially movecollection, however this does see Lycanroc a lot quicker (have the right to outrate also an unboosted Pheromosa) and through much more bulk. After making use of Happy Hour Z, execute the same as the fire moveset and continue to move via Stone Edge, Drill Run and also Fire Fang.

CountersWater & Grass Types: They are quickly the finest counters versus Dusk Form Lycanroc. Water Types carry out a tad much better considering that Lycanroc is usually supplied with Fire Fang, but Mega Venusaur should constantly be a choice given that its capability lessens the damages taken by Fire Type Attacks.

Bulky Steel Types: Like Grass Types, Steel Types are excellent counters versus Dusk Form Lycanroc. However before, they likewise take a totality lot of damage from it too. If you would prefer to usage a Steel Type to take on Dusk Form Lycanroc, you much better make sure it is bulky sufficient to withstand also at leastern one huge blow.