How does your Pokemon's sassiness affect its prowess in battle? Read this overview to uncover out!

Natures were presented in the time of the 3rd generation of Pokemon games, and they"ve been a maincontinue to be of the series since then. When you capture or obtain a Pokemon, it will certainly have among twenty-5 different traits that will certainly raise one stat and also reduced one more. The impacted statistics are changed by 10%.

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If you"ve ever wondered why your Pikachu seems a small on the slow-moving side, take a look at our handy recommendation chart!

- Attack- Defense- Speed- Sp. Attack- Sp. Def.
+ AttackHardyLonelyBraveAdamantNaughty
+ DefenseBoldDocileRelaxedImpishLax
+ SpeedTimidHastySeriousJollyNaive
+ Sp. AttackModestMildQuietBashfulRash
+ Sp. Def.CalmGentleSassyCarefulQuirky

If that"s a bit much to remember, there"s a straightforward method to examine up on what your Pokemon"s nature does. From Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver onwards, the increased stat will have actually a faint red outline on your Pokemon"s condition screen, while the lowered stat will be on the blue side. If you can not spot any type of of these colors, then your Pokemon has among the 5 natures whose impacts cancel each various other out.

Nature and Battle

The 10% difference can not seem like a lot at the outcollection of your journey, however it becomes necessary when dealing with the postgame content of a lot of Pokemon titles. The Battle Rekind and also its various other incarcountries are designed to provide you an obstacle and test both your ability to raise a Pokemon and also usage it in fight. While it could not constantly be handy to take the moment to catch a Pokemon with a suitable nature, it"s worth making certain that your brand-new companion"s nature does not proactively water down its strengths. When it involves stats, it"s much better to enhance strengths than attempt to compensate for weaknesses -- mindful switching of your team in battle deserve to cover those rather.

For example, it"s feasible to catch a Ralts beforehand in Pokemon ORAS. One via an Impish nature would certainly have actually a decreased Special Attack and also an enhanced Defense. Ralts and its evolutions are exceptionally fragile and focused on psychic moves, which predominantly use the Special Attack stat. As an outcome, the defensive increase not only falls short to be helpful, however actively hinders the Pokemon"s solid point: psychic strikes.

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Even though it has an unsuitable nature, our Ralts deserve to still be useful! Tright here are a few means to affect a Pokemon"s nature.

Determining Nature

It"s likely that you"ve currently used the Pokemon Day Care -- whether it was to achieve a super cute baby Pokemon, raise a "mon that was lagging behind, or to tinker with the moves that have the right to be passed dvery own from parent to boy. The daycare deserve to also aid via placing your dream team together by giving a way to guarantee a details nature.

To execute this, you"ll need a nature in mind, an Everstone, and also a Ditto. Catch or trade for a Ditto via your wanted nature (for a Ralts, that would be Modest). Give the Everrock to Ditto to organize and also leave it in the Day Care via Ralts. The hatched Pokemon will certainly be a Modest Ralts.

You have the right to also encounter Pokemon of your preferred nature in the wild. Put a Pokemon through the capability Synchronize at the front of your party, and also each Pokemon you uncover has a 50% possibility of having the exact same nature as your party leader.


Choosing or encountering a Pokemon via a nature complementary to its stats is just one part of increasing a wonderful Pokemon and also overcoming the Battle Retype. Tright here are also more complicated numbers governing the individual values that identify a Pokemon"s staminas and also weaknesses, however a good-natured Pokemon is an excellent start.