Zamazenta is among the game mascots for Pokemon Sword and Shield, gracing the cover of the latter.

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Like its counterpart Zacian, Zamazenta is an extremely powerful Legendary. In its Crowned Shield create, once holding the Rusted Shield item, it receives significant boosts to its protective stats.


Its rate does drop, but not enough to be a detriment. Zamazenta deserve to slot in as a protective wall or tough hitting physical attackers. This Legendary have the right to take a punch and provide one simply also.

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The best movecollection for Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Behemoth Bash


This is Zamazenta"s signature relocate in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It should know the move Iron Head. When entering fight, knowing Iron Head, in its Crowned Shield create, Behemoth Bash will certainly be easily accessible. It does incredible physical Steel-form damage that will certainly double in power if the target is Dynamaxed.

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Cshed Combat


As a Fighting-type Pokemon, it will certainly receive a STAB as soon as making use of Close Combat. It lowers its defense by a bit once offered, however that have the right to be remedied. Zamazenta"s Ability, Dauntless Shield, rases its Defense stat once it enters a battle. Close Combat will not harm it that a lot after one usage.

Iron Defense


If Close Combat seems to be the go to throughout the battle, Iron Defense can reobtain some of that lost defense. This raises physical Defense by two steras eexceptionally time it is used. If Zamazenta can pull this off prior to utilizing Cshed Combat, it will certainly have actually a super increased Defensive stat. A couple uses of Cshed Combat will certainly simply take its Defense back to where it was. Special Defense will still be hurting though.

Play Rough


Zamazenta is weak to Fighting, Fire, and also Ground-form Pokemon moves. Play Rough provides it another physical attack that can cover its bases. Cshed Combat should be able to handle the Ground and also Fire Pokemon. Play Rough, a Fairy-form relocate, will certainly have the ability to take on any Fighting-kinds that enter fight. It is likewise a good relocate to take on the always powerful Dragon-types.