Nestled alengthy the financial institutions of the river Cauvery (Kaveri), Bheemeshwari is a small tvery own in the Mandya district of Karnataka. The Bheemeshwari Adundertaking and Nature Camp is just one of Bheemeshwari’s resorts or jungle lodges and also is obtainable to tourists roughly the year. It’s went to by all the adventure seekers for tasks prefer rafting, kayaking, trekking, camping, angling, wildlife safaris, fishing and so on. that are largely conducted approximately the confluence of the river Cauvery.

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The weather in Bheemeshwari is pleasant many of the time. The right time to take a trip to Bheemeshwari is in between August and February, simply after the monsoons, once Cauvery’s waters are alive and also the forest is thick and also verdant. This is the finest time to gain amethod from the everyday grind. It’s likewise the ideal time for bird watching in Bheemeshwari—river terns, fishing eagles, woodpeckers, kingfishers and also various other water birds flock here. The water recedes and reveals the wide sandy financial institutions of the river during the other months, which are good for idling ameans. The summer months between March and also June deserve to be very warmth, especially in the afternoon.

The Bheemeshwari Adundertaking and Nature Camp take a trip guide is the ideal option to setup your perfect getameans.

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How To Reach Bheemeshwari?

Coracles (conventional bamboo round boats, harigolu)

The Bheemeshwari Adventure and also Nature Camp is a splendid mix of delightful nature and wild adventure, cshed sufficient for straightforward access, and also much amethod sufficient to be cut off from the usual hullabaloo. This quaint and picturesque town offers a range of tasks. Being on the riverside, Bheemeshwari poses as an ideal place for trekking, fishing and also a lot of importantly some adventurous white water river rafting. Some of the adundertaking activities in Bheemeshwari which you have the right to indulge in at this camp are as follows:

1. Trekking

The highlight of a trip to Bheemeshwari Adendeavor and also Nature Camp is no doubt the trekking. In reality, the area is a paradise for all trekkers. The terrain is gentle and also strewn through rocks, and trails selection from a distance of 4 kilometres to 30 kilometres, classified into three broad categories of simple, medium and tough. The best time to trek at this camp is between August and February, as soon as the natural beauty is at its peak and the chances of sighting rare birds or a good wild pet or two are the highest.

2. Fishing

Often described as ‘the angler’s paradise’, Bheemeshwari is the natural habitat of one of the ideal game fish in the civilization, mahseer. The fishing task at this camp draws numerous fishing enthusiasts every year to this relaxed tvery own. Even though it is now illegal to catch this gigantic and exceptionally beautiful fish, you deserve to constantly witness it in its glory roaming openly in its habitat. The fishing activity at this camp in Bheemeshwari is setting friendly. The tropical fish are allowed to be taken out of the water in your fishing game but you cannot take them residence. The fishing is done simply for sport yet then the fish has to be released ago in the water. This is done to secure these species from getting extinct and also to conserve the wildlife.

3. River Rafting

Bheemeshwari is the placeto indulge in river rafting as the flow of the Kaveri river is useful to perform so. It is appropriate for world that want to throw their pulsating adrenaline spirit right into the arms of nature! The rapids right here rank as ‘medium’ in regards to challenge, at grade 3. Safety tools is well-preserved and also stringent safety steps are adhered to by all tour operators at Bheemeshwari. Rafting in Bheemeshwari is ideal enjoyed in between August and also February when the river’s waters are at its fullest, and also the forest is thick and also verdant.

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4. Camping

If you are in a larger group, tbelow are a lot of camping activities for you in Bheemeshwari.An interesting campsite close to the riveris erected amidst the thick forest to offer you the complete feeling of being in a jungle. You will uncover that safety and security is not an worry as tbelow are able-bodied woodland guards on the lookout and also it’s well protected. So you can reap a wonderful evening by the Kaveriin the midst of the wilderness in Bheemeshwari.


Cycling is undoubtedly the best way to check out a forest in Bheemeshwari. You deserve to cover longer ranges, you don’tpollute the environment, and also you likewise burn some calories.Cycling deserve to be good fun in the company of friends or colleagues. You will sucount enjoycycling explorations with the woods of Bheemeshwari.

6. Kayaking

Life on a river can be adrenaline pumping or calm. If you’re one for the latter, try kayaking. On the calmer waters of the river, the gentle sway of the waters will certainly guide you, as you decide the direction of your meandering ride. Kayaking in Bheemeshwari is an excellent way to reap the forest from a distance, gently relocating up and down the river, fringing the woods, and also obtaining in a great arm workout along the method.

7. Coracle Ride

A coracle ride in the majestic Kaveri is something that will certainly aid you affix with nature. The expanse of the water will leave you in awe. The ride in the pleasant waters is a stark comparison to a white wateradventure! Extremely scenic, riding these distinctive watercrafts in Bheemeshwari is a surefire memorable endure, full of quaint cdamage.

8. Rope Activities

If you are not very keen on camping or trekking, yet still desire to have actually some fun, you will certainly absolutely gain the rope activities—rock climbingand also river crossing on zip lines in Bheemeshwari.