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Chapter Titles

Skills in BiologyThe Chemisattempt of LifeCell StructureProcesses in CellsCellular EnergeticsChromosomes and also MeiosisHeredityModular GeneticsMutationNucleic Acid TechnologyThe Origin and also Evolution of LifeSpeciationPatterns of Evolution
This student workbook and also its companion title Senior Biology 2 are suitable for any kind of general biology program and also particularly suitable for Honors Biology. An wonderful reresource for classroom activities, homejob-related, extension and exam revision.

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Workbook Structure

Senior Biology 1 takes a contextual technique to the content delivery, presenting core values within proper, real-people contexts. Biological stories prechallenge many type of content sections, providing helpful avenues to emphasis on understanding and also synthesis of principles. Students are motivated to apply their expertise of core ethics to brand-new scenarios. The workbook"s emphasis throughout is on inquiry, crucial reasoning, and also problem solving.

Content covers: data dealing with and analysis, fundamental biochemisattempt, cell structure and attribute, cellular energetics, chromosomes, heredity and also molecular genes, nucleic acid modern technology, development.

Product Features

Write-On Activities

A wide selection of over 240 engaging tasks facilitate reliable differential instruction. Introduce, consoliday, extfinish, and also test using the same workbook.

Concept Maps

Concept maps present each of four major departments of the workbook, integrating content throughout chapters to encourage linking of principles and application of prior expertise to new understandings.

End of chapter proficiency activities

Student expertise of terms concerned vital expertise is consolidated through a variety of proficiency activities. They existing a perfect synoptic self-test for students.

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These assistance activities wright here appropriate and appropriate to extfinish learning past the workbook and also to aid students in visualizing facility procedures.

Diagrams, illustrations and also photographs

Clear, unfacility diagrams, illustrations, and also photographs support and reinpressure the text.

Links and support

BIOZONE"s unique tab system identifies relations to related tasks somewhere else in the workbook and also offers web-based support and recommended analysis to consolidate and extend learning.

Learning Objectives and also Key Concepts

Each chapter is preconfronted by a one-page synopsis of learning goals and also vital terms, providing students through concise summary of performance expectations for each chapter. The key principles for the chapter are summarized in an itemized list, giving a emphasis for the important expertise needs of learners.

Practical Skills and also Mathematical Requirements

These components of the regime are addressed in 2 complementary ways. Activities including data managing and also interpretation are integrated throughout the workbook, providing real-civilization scenarios in context. A thorough introductory chapter supports these, spanning basic planning, computational, and graphing abilities to be provided in skill breakthrough and also consolidation, and also as a recommendation.