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Which of the adhering to statements is true around compounds? (p. 27) Twenty-5 compounds are vital to life.They are hosted together by hydrogen bonds.They have actually polarity.They contain 2 or even more elements in a addressed proportion to each various other.All of the above.
Tbelow are _____ naturally developing facets. (p. 27) 924523025108
Why are biologists so interested in chemistry? (p. 26) Chemicals are the standard parts of all living points.Many chemicals are harmful to living things.They know little bit about life other than the chemicals it is made from.If you understand also the chemistry of life, you deserve to make the majority of money.Everything around life can be known by understanding its chemistry.
K is the chemical symbol for __________ and also P is the symbol for __________. (p. 27) phosphorus ... sodiumsodium ... potassiumpotassium ... phosphorusmagnesium ... phosphorusiron ... potassium
Which among the following is NOT one of the 4 a lot of prevalent elements found in living systems? (p. 27) HNCNeevery one of the over
Four elements are the the majority of plentiful in life: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and also nitrogen. What execute they have in common? (p. 32) They are uncovered just in living cells.They can all develop double bonds through carbon.They are all tetravalent.They have actually the very same atomic mass.They are all fairly light atoms (near the top of the periodic table).
Which of the complying with is the smallest in volume? (p. 28) the nucleus of an oxygen atoma water moleculea protonan ice crystalthe electron cloud of an oxygen atom
Which among the complying with has negligible mass? (p. 29) protonneutronelectronatomaspect
Which one of the adhering to subatomic particles has appreciable mass and lacks a charge? (p. 29) protonneutronelectronelementmolecule
The variety of prolots in an uncharged atom _____. (p. 29) amounts to the number of electronsamounts to the variety of neutronsvaries via the various isotopesamounts to the number of electrons in the outer orbital of the atomdetermines its mass number
Consider a hypothetical atom with an atomic variety of 4 and also a net digital charge of +1. It has actually 4 protons. How many type of neutrons does this atom have? (p. 29) 248The answer cannot be determined from the indevelopment.namong the over
A specific carbon isotope has actually an atomic variety of 6 and also an atomic weight of 14. The corresponding number of neutrons, protons, and electrons it has actually is _____. (p. 29) 6, 8, 66, 6, 88, 6, 68, 6, 88, 6, 4
An aspect has 8 protons, 9 neutrons, and also 8 electrons. Its atomic number and also atomic mass, respectively, are _____. (p. 29) 8 and also 168 and also 179 and169 and also 1716 and also 8
Two atoms of the very same element need to have the exact same variety of _____. (p. 29) neutronsprotonselectronsneutrons plus protonsprotons plus electrons
An uncharged atom of nitrogen (atomic number = 7) has ___________. (p. 28) 7 neutrons7 protons and also 7 neutrons7 neutrons and also 7 electrons7 protons and 7 electrons7 valence electrons
Which of the complying with is NOT a characteristic that renders radioactive tracers advantageous in clinical diagnoses? (p. 29) They are integrated into reactions in living product.They are quickly detectable in minute amounts.They damage or ruin molecules.Living cells cannot distinguish them from nonradioenergetic isotopes.They can be used via PET scanners.
Isotopes of an aspect will always differ in _____. (p. 29) atomic numberatomic massvariety of electronsAll of the over.Namong the above.
Phosphorus–32 (radioactive) has actually __________ than phosphorus–35 (normal). (p. 29) 3 even more neutrons3 more protons3fewer neutrons3 fewer protonsthree even more atoms
The many common form of calcium has 20 proloads, 20 neutrons, and also 20 electrons. Which of the following facets would be an isotope of calcium? (p.

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29) an atom through 21 protons, 20 neutrons, and also 21 electronsan atom with 20 proloads, 20 neutrons, and also 18 electronsan atom through 20 prolots, 21 neutrons, and also 20 electronsnamong the aboveall of the above
Atomic chlorine has an atomic variety of 17. It has __________ electrons in its 3rd shell. (p. 32) 27810None of the over.
The chemical attributes of an aspect depfinish largely on the _____. (p. 32) number of electrons in its external shellvariety of electron shells existing in the atomsexpect energy level of its electronslevel to which it has actually more or fewer electrons than protonsnumber of proton plus the variety of neutrons
Some groups of facets react chemically in equivalent ways. For example, the chemisattempt of sodium and the chemisattempt of lithium are similar, as are the chemistries of chlorine and iodine. These comparable chemistries are resulted in once various aspects have comparable ___________. (p. 32) atomic sizenumbers of external shell electronsnumbers of electronspower quanta per electronatomic number
For a lot of atoms, a stable configuration of electrons is attained when the atom ___________. (p. 32) has actually as many protons as neutronshas actually relocated all its electrons to its outerthe majority of shellachieves a zero net chargehas actually 8 electrons in its outermany shellnamong the over
Researchers examining the effects of toxic wastes kbrand-new that animals were poisoned by the hefty metal cadmium, but they wanted to recognize wbelow cadmium built up in the body. They could find out by _____. (p. 29) tracing the activity of cadmium isotopes in test animalsmeasuring the size of cadmium atomsfinding out whether cadmium atoms develop ionic or covalent bondsfinding out whether cadmium is acidic in waterdetermining the variety of bonds developed by cadmium atoms
An atom that normally has _____ in its outer shell would certainly tfinish not to form chemical bonds through other atoms. (p. 32) 1 electron3 electrons4 electrons6 electrons8 electrons
A polar covalent bond is a bond that _____. (p. 34) is found only in H2Ois uncovered only in molecules containing oxygenshares electrons equally between atomsionizeshas actually shared electrons pulled closer to the more electronegative atom
A covalent bond is most likely to be polar if _____. (p. 34) the two atoms sharing electrons are equally electronegativeone of the atoms sharing electrons is a lot even more electronegativeit is between two atoms that are both extremely solid electron acceptorsthe 2 atoms sharing electrons are of the same elementit is in between 2 atoms that are both extremely strong electron donors
When the proton number and also electron number are unequal, the atom or molecule _____. (p. 35) develops a covalent bond through one more atomis an ionbecomes component of a moleculegains or loses a protongains or loses a neutron
A sodium atom has a mass number of 23. Its atomic number is 11. How many kind of electrons does it have if it is not an ion? (p. 35) 1112222334
Fluorine atoms tend to take electrons from any type of atoms that come near. As a result, fluorine atoms _____. (p. 35) tfinish to end up being positively chargedare nonpolarcarry out not react readily via various other atomstend to develop ionic bondsare not very electronegative
The compound CaSO4 ionizes into a calcium ion and also a sulfate ion. Calcium has 2 electrons in its external shell. Upon ionization, what would you intend the charge on the sulfate ion to be? (p. 35) -421-1-2
Ionic bonds create as an outcome of ___________. (p. 35) attraction between atoms that have actually opposite chargesattraction between hydrogen and also other atoms that share electrons unequallysharing of electron pairs in between atomssharing of single electrons in between atomsthe movement of electrons
A hydrogen bond ___________. (p. 36) is one in which two hydrogens bond to each otheris one in which hydrogen is strongly attracted to a positively charged atomis a function of hydrophobic interactionsis weakis just one of the strongest bonds well-known
Which is NOT associated in, or is NOT pertinent to, hydrogen bonding? (p. 36) hoarding of electrons by one atom even more than anotherpartial chargesattraction in between unchoose partial chargesloss of electronspolar molecules
Hydrogen bonds occur as soon as ___________. (p. 36) a molecule via partial charges contacts a molecule without partial chargesa molecule via a low molecular weight is entirely enclosed in a molecule via high molecular weight2 atoms attain steady electron configurations by sharing electrons through each otherpartial opposite charges on molecules come cshed sufficient to lure each othernone of the above
Which of the complying with molecules has the form of a completed tetrahedron? (p. 37) water (H2O)hydrogen gas (H2)oxygen gas (O2)methane (CH4)glucose (C6H12O6)
Which of the following statements is NOT true about chemical reactions? (p. 38) They represent the way issue is created and also damaged.They transform reactants to assets.They constantly have actually the very same number of a offered atom on each side of the equation arrowhead.They involve the making and breaking of chemical bonds.They have the right to involve organic and also not natural molecules.
Which among the adhering to does the equation of a chemical reactivity NOT tell us? (p. 38) the number of atoms or molecules involvedthe kinds of atoms or molecules involvedthe direction in which the reactivity occursthe speed of the reactiona chemical equation defines ALL the above features