Tright here are a range of tasks for Biology.

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You deserve to find some of our more generally asked for tasks below the research forms on this page, or you can see our up-to-day list of all activities.

New Activities for Biology

DNA Extractivity from Strawberries

Students extract actual DNA from strawberries and can view and touch it (and also take it house if they want).

DNA design kits

We have K’nex DNA version kits available to borrow.

Investigate Your Sense of Balance

This activity demonstrates that visual cues are essential to the sense of balance. Students stand on a Vernier force plate and also attempt to balance on one foot initially through their eyes open, then through their eyes closed. The force plate actions just how a lot they change back and also forth to save their balance. Students then style a hypothesis to test, such as comparing dancers to non-dancers, etc.

Recheck out / Test prep activities

We deserve to style fun, unique evaluation sessions for virtually any topic utilizing our programmable Spheros. (No prior programming experience necessary.) Ask us for suggestions for your next testimonial session! 

Sphero of Influence – Vaccines

Students use Spheros (programmable robots) that are programmed to spreview a fake condition throughout the Sphero population.

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Students are offered a budobtain, and make decisions about boosting the vaccine efficacy and/or the number of Spheros that get a vaccine to the fake condition. We then run the regime to watch which student plans occupational better than others in staying clear of the spread of this fake illness. (This activity does not require any type of prior programming endure.)

Survival of a Sea Turtle – a Sphero Activity

This activity models a sea turtle ecodevice and the challenges sea turtles face in enduring to refertile age (predators, environmental components, pollution). Students drive Spheros (programmable robots) and also act as the miscellaneous parts of this ecosystem. (This task does not need any prior programming suffer.)

Commonly Requested Activities for Biology

Cell Cycle

Students usage our digital microscopes to check out and determine the stperiods of the cell cycle in onion and also whitefish cells

Using Digital Microscopes

Motic digital microscope

Cellular Respiration

Students measure the cellular respiration of crickets, peas, and also parsley making use of Vernier CO2 probes

Climate Change

Tright here are five components to this task – you can do any or all: CO2 levels, albeexecute, water vapor, cloud cover, sunlight intensity. Please check out our complete list of tasks for further descriptions.

Enzyme (catalase) lab

Students meacertain the price of the catalase enzymatic activity making use of gas push sensor under assorted conditions (concentrations, pH, temperature)

Evidence of Evolution

Students learn about evolution by researching fossils, comparing the anatomy of various organisms, comparing the stperiods of embryonic development in mammalian species and chick embryos, comparing blood sera of various species, and comparing DNA sequences of primates

Faces / Forensic art

Students act as “eyewitnesses” and use a forensic art regimen to attract faces of suspects

Gel electrophoresis: An arrival making use of food coloring

Students pour their own gels, fill the gels via food coloring services, run the gels, and analyze the results

Gel Electrophoresis Chamber

Protein Identification with immunoassay

Students usage an immunoassay to present how forensic scientists deserve to identify if blood on a bumper is from a huguy or another pet

Rewiring the Brain

 Students uncover the plasticity of the brain in this activity.  They usage unique goggles while attempting to pitch bean bags at a tarobtain to investigate how the brain adapts to changing sensory cues

Sherlock Bones

Students research properties of bones to determine sex, race, height and age


Student Documents Sheet

Student Data Sheet - Quick Form


Spheros are paired via a Kindle Fire (provided) through the SpheroEdu app. Beginners deserve to draw a path for the Sphero robot to follow, intermediate users have the right to drag and also drop blocks of code, and also progressed users can create text programs using JavaScript. Provide your own tasks, or use among the SpheroEdu all set modules aligned to NGSS, CCSS, and also various state requirements.