Biology the dynamics of life answer key chapter 17

Key Science Terms and also meanings spanned in this textbook Absorption spectrum

A constant spectrum via dark lines superimposed.

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Continental shelf

The gently sloping subunified percentage of the continental margin, extfinishing from the shoreline to the continental slope.


Located beneath the mantle, it is the innerthe majority of layer of Planet. The core is divided right into an external core and an inner core.

Coriolis force (effect)

The deflective force of Earth’s rotation on all free-moving objects, including the setting and seas. Deflection is to the ideal in the Northern Hemispbelow and to the left in the Southern Hemispright here.

Dark-line spectrum

See Absorption spectrum.


A tabular-shaped intrusive igneous feature that cuts through the bordering rock.


The incorporation and transportation of product by a mobile agent, such as water, wind, or ice.


The continues to be or traces of organisms kept from the geologic past.

Ice sheet

A very big, thick mass of glacial ice flowing external in all directions from one or more accumulation centers.


Lines connecting points of equal temperature.

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Magma that reaches Earth’s surchallenge.

Magmatic differentiation

The process of generating more than one rock kind from a single magma.

Mixed tidal pattern

A tidal pattern exhibiting two high tides and 2 low tides per tidal day via a big inetop quality in high water heights, low water heights, or both. Coastal areas that experience such a tidal pattern might likewise present alternating durations of diurnal and semidiurnal tidal fads. Also called mixed semidiurnal.

Offshore zone

The fairly level submerged zone that exoften tends from the breaker line to the edge of the continental shelf.


The distance at which an item would have a parallax angle of 1 second of arc (3.26 lightyears).


The process whereby the percentage of a wave in shpermit water slows, causing the wave to bfinish and also tfinish to align itself via the underwater contours.


Lower limit of perennial scurrently.

Stationary front

A instance in which the surchallenge place of a front does not move; the flow on either side of such a boundary is virtually parallel to the position of the front.

Valley glacier

See Alpine glacier.

Variable stars

Red giants that overshoot equilibrium, then alternately expand and contract.