Biology vs chemistry vs physics

Regardmuch less of whether my students are from the IP track, IB track, or regular Expush track, I will constantly ask the exact same question throughout my initially lesson with them.

“What is the difference between Physics, Chemisattempt and also Biology?”

Blank encounters, every time.

If you don’t know the distinction in between Physics, Chemistry and also Biology, you are not alone. It’s not commonly appropriately described, bereason as soon as you’re in Secondary 1 & 2, it’s not crucial. You have to research every one of it, anymethod. It’s only in Secondary 3 & 4 when it matters, because you’ll need to choose whether you’d like to do pure scientific researches or not, and which sciences you’d like to execute. The expectation is that once you have to make a choice, you need to already have established what each of the scientific researches is about.

And possibly, you’ll have actually some vague concept by that time.

I’d like to change that. I’d choose you to understand what you’re examining, and also how it is pertinent to the civilization approximately you. I’d like you to figure out what you can prefer to go after, in relation to what you can favor to carry out later. Even if it has nopoint to do through your future, you can’t run away from examining scientific research simply yet, so why not spend your time on something you’d have actually more interest in?

So, let’s obtain down to it, shall we?

What Is Physics?


Physics comes from the Greek word φυσική (pronounced physikḗ), which suggests ‘knowledge of nature’. It is the research of 2 things: issue and also energy, and every little thing tbelow is to execute via them.

With issue, we research the movement (movement) of matter with room and also time.With power, we examine what happens as soon as energy is applied to a things.

This is, of course, a streamlined meaning. Physics incorporates so a lot even more, including astronomy, atomic and also nuclear physics, the concept of relativity, gravity, and so on. Whatever you check out happening approximately you, that has actually anypoint to execute with issue, and also power, that’s physics. The method you walk, once you flip a switch and also the lights come on, when you aim a basketround, as soon as you warmth up a bowl of seaweed chicken in a microwave cooktop, even when you ride a bicycle – all these things occur in the means they perform because Physics.

What is Chemistry?


Chemisattempt is the examine of matter and also power (wait – does this sound familiar?), the properties of matter, just how matter have the right to combine or separate to create various substances (via different properties), and how matter interacts with the application of energy.

Chemisattempt can be break-up additionally right into 5 different branches:

Analytical Chemistry, in which you use qualitatively and quantitatively meacertain and also determine the physical and chemical properties of all substances through monitoring.

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Physical Chemistry, in which you combine the research of Physics and also Chemistry together to study exactly how matter and also power communicate via each various other. Instances of Physical Chemisattempt is the examine of thermodynamics, and also quantum mechanics.Organic Chemisattempt, in which you specifically just study about compounds that contain the facet Carbon. Organic chemistry is likewise known as the “Chemistry of Life” because all molecules that consist of living tissue have Carbon as part of their make up. Inorganic Chemistry, in which you study steels and also gases that execute not have actually carbon as part of their consist of (in various other words, everything else). Biochemistry, in which you incorporate the study of Biology and Chemisattempt together, to study the chemical procedures that take place within living things.

(Source: LiveScience)

What is Biology?


Biology is the examine of living points. As lengthy as life is connected, it comes under biology. Biology requires explaining elements of living things, readjust in living points, even death. It investigations the advancement of living points, and exactly how living points interact via their atmosphere. This is because no living thing exists in isolation from their environment.

The study of Biology includes: animal behaviour, biochemisattempt, biomodern technology, environmental ecology, genetics, marine biology, and even food and drink safety.


So, there you have actually it. The three branches of science.

Source: https://sansscientific

You might have actually noticed, by this suggest, that there are so many type of overlaps in between the scientific researches, and that’s simply how life works. Nopoint is so cleanly split. After all, via each of the branches, we examine another facet of life, and also what happens approximately us.

Some points are noticeable – we take one look, and we can check out it. If I push a ball, it moves. The harder I push it, the further it moves. If the ball is also hefty, I could not have the ability to move it at all.

Some things can be theorized, but we have not yet discovered a way to prove it – there’s still so a lot to learn about quantum physics.

Some points we never believed feasible are being prcooktop possible in very tangible means. For example, supercooled helium, and exactly how it defies gravity.

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I hope this helps you to much better understand also what you are, have been, or will certainly be researching in your Science class from Secondary 1 to Secondary 2, and also I hope it helps you to make a more informed alternative.

If you have actually any type of further inquiries around this topic, or if you’d like to comment on what alternative you’d choose to make, based on your interests, feel cost-free to contact me or attach through me through Facebook.