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From genetics to ecology — the straightforward method to score better in biology

Are you a student baffled by biology? You"re not alone. With the assist of Biology Workbook For Dummies you"ll conveniently and painlessly acquire a grip on complicated biology principles and also unlock the mysteries of this fascinating and ever-evolving area of research.

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Whether supplied as a match to Biology For Dummies or on its very own, Biology Workbook For Dummies aids you in grasping the standard elements of Biology. In ordinary English, it helps you understand also the concepts you"ll come across in your biology course, such as physiology, ecology, development, genetics, cell biology, and more. Throughout the book, you gain plenty of exercise exercises to reinforce learning and help you on your goal of scoring better in biology.

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Grasp the basic concepts of biology Step-by-action answer sets plainly determine wbelow you went wrong (or right) via a trouble Hundreds of research questions and exercises offer you the abilities and also confidence to ace your biology course

If you"re intimidated by biology, use the friendly, hand-operated indevelopment and also tasks in Biology Workbook For Dummies to build your skills in and also out of the science lab.

Rene Fester Kratz, PhD, is a biology instructor at Everett Community College in Everett, Washington.


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Table of contents

Summary 1

Part I: Getting the Basics 7

Chapter 1: Figuring Out the Scientific Method  9

Chapter 2: Solving Problems in the Chemisattempt of Life  21

Chapter 3: Identifying Cell Parts and Understanding Their Functions  43

Chapter 4: Tracking the Flow of Energy and also Matter  55

Part II: Creating the Future through Cell Division and Genetics 79

Chapter 5: Divide and also Conquer: Recognizing the Phases of Cell Division  81

Chapter 6: Predicting Future Generations through Mendelian Genetics  101

Chapter 7: Taking Genetics to the DNA Level  113

Chapter 8: Going Straight to the Source with DNA Technology  131

Part III: Making Connections with Ecology and also Evolution 143

Chapter 9: Organizing the Living World  145

Chapter 10: Connecting Organisms in Ecosystems  153

hapter 11: Examining the Effects of Evolution  169

Part IV: Getting to Know the Human being Body 177

Chapter 12: Building Bodies via the Skeletal and also Muscular Systems  179

Chapter 13: Giving Your Body What It Needs: The Respiratory and also Circulatory Systems  189