Blackacre Nature Preserve Louisville Ky

Whether you are a donor, volunteer, member or sponsor, your assistance enables us to carry out educational programs, reclaim the historical structures, proceed via conservation efforts, and ensure our distinct website is preserved for generations to come.

Every gift matters and also eextremely dollar counts at Blackacre. You have the right to donate on-line, end up being a member or drop a docountry in the green postal box situated in the barn eincredibly time you visit.

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Thank you for your support.


Blackacre is wbelow the past, present and also future collide.

We provide the perfect setting for students to learn, find, explore, and also endure the following subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and also Kentucky History. Our programs are designed to fulfill core academic criteria.

We market camps, workshops, virtual videos and unforgettable area trips wbelow children attach with each various other and also nature.

Come stroll a Kentucky pioneer homestead that was establimelted over 200 years earlier as soon as Kentucky first came to be a state. Discover around its ties to the American Revolutionary war and Whisvital company.

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Tright here is somuchto check out and also check out at Blackacre. You have the right to climb in thehayloft of one of the last double-crib Appalachia style barns in America, tour the Presley Tyler Housage and also Spring House or see a working farm in operation.



Come enjoy the beauty and also wonder of our trails, streams, ponds, meadows and areas. The conservancy includes nearly 300 acres and also miles of trails to enjoy and check out.

Points of interest include: One of the oldest White Oak trees in Ky (est. 1696), Waterfall Trail and Dragonfly Pond through monitoring deck.

Blackacre’s neighborhood garden is the biggest in Jefferchild County via over 400 plots. We market a range of choices for gardening including:

Conventional and Organic plotsVariety of sizes: Micro-plots, increased beds, 7’x30′; 15’x30′ and also up to 30’x30′Pricing starts at $15 for the totality seaboy.

Blackacre is a unique historical nature keep that inspires curiosity and fosters discovering by giving engaging and individualized experiences for world of all ages. We carry out infinite experiences with expedition, exploration, celebrating and also doing.