Blunn creek nature preserve

Tucked between Oltorf Street and St. Edward’s University is Blunn Creek Nature Preserve. These unarisen 38 acres will make you feel choose you have stumbled into a forgotten woods in the middle of the city.

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Finding the Trail

Firstly, the maintain does not have actually a parking lot and also it’s straightforward to miss out on this authorize, which reflects the rugged state of the preserve. We parked on the street in front of the Congregation of Divine Cross. The trail head was straight across the street.



No dogs permitted on this trail!

We simply maintained complying with the sins for the Volcanic Overlook.

We easily arrived at the initially overlook: a bluff from which you deserve to see the preserve and the creek listed below. The overlook is scenic but tright here is not a guardrail and the bluff is steep. Be careful and also watch your youngsters very closely if you take the short course to this initially overlook location.

The Blunn Creek

We got to the initially creek crossing and also the kids took pleasure in hopping throughout the rocks to obtain to the various other side.


The Large Oaks

About 1/3 of the mile in, we came upon this huge oak tree. What a sight! Tright here were numerous more of these majestic trees along the trail.

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Volcanic Overlook

Shortly afterward, we arrived on the volcanic overlook, the second overlook on the trail. Did you know that numerous years ago not only was the Austin area an sea however tright here were substantial active volcanoes underwater? See for yourself at Blunn Creek Nature Preserve, wbelow you can stand on peak of the extinct volcano. As defined on the authorize below, “With each brand-new eruption, the mound flourished upward yet most likely never reached the ocean’s surface. When the eruptions ultimately ended, mollusks and various other marine animals grew in the fairly shpermit water over the summit, depositing layer upon layer of limey shells. These layers ended up being a type of rock recognized as limerock.”

St. Edward’s University

I really appreciated this component of the trail because from below you have actually a beautiful view of St. Edward’s College (which is constructed on optimal of a hill that is additionally an extinct volcano).

Before the hike, the kids had actually heard me talking about the extinct volcano along the trail and also it accumulated their expectations around what we would find. What you actually view is a circular area of unusual-looking rock high up on a hill. It’s probably not what the majority of youngsters conjure in their creative thinking when they hear “volcano.” If you setup to visit Blunn Creek Nature Preserve, it’s more than likely a great concept to make certain your children have a realistic concept of what they will uncover there.

Blunn Creek is a relatively little creek however still had some running water that was fun to cross over.

We were glad we went on a cooler day in January. Even via all the trees, I’m sure this would be a challenging hike on a hot summer day. It absolutely felt prefer more than 38 acres and we did not also walk the whole trail. In conclusion, just the southerly section we covered this January morning was well worth the visit!


Austin Active Kids Opinion

This little amount of acreage packs a mighty punch. If you don’t want to execute a long hike, you deserve to simply take the trail to the volcanic overlook and head ago.

Outing Distance

We just hiked around 3/4 mile.

Outing Time

We invested a little over one hour here.


Take a LOT of water to drink if you come on a hot day. We came on a cool morning and my youngsters were thirsty from climbing to the peak of the overlook. As a result, they chugged their waters the whole time. Tbelow are no water fountains or public restroom infrastructure. While tbelow are many kind of trail markers, some of the courses are not labeled and also it can be sort of confusing on your initially visit. It seems that a lot of of the trails loop ago together and also eventually you will discover your means. Similarly, you deserve to use your smart phone’s map and compass to assist store you going in the appropriate direction. In enhancement, no dogs permitted on this trail! For more hiking concepts, inspect out our Outdoor Adundertaking Guide!