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Tehachapi California"s reigning champ, Boo Johnson sits dvery own via to spcheck out some love and also talk around skateboarding. Boo is one of the stars of Element Skateboards" "Future Nature" video, wbelow he"s made frontside 360 pop shovits all the rage. Boo also discusses his plans for the year, why his little bit brvarious other quit skating and who he thinks has actually the finest component in "Future Nature." Boo Johnchild has smiles for miles and also is a name you will certainly never forobtain.

You watching: Boo johnson future nature What"s up Boo? Wright here are you at ideal now?Boo Johnson: Yo what"s up Brotha? I"m on this Three Amigos Supra Spring Tour via a few dudes like Spencer Hamilton, Neen Williams, and Keelan Dad. Our initially speak remained in Dallas.

Where you headed next?I think we"re heading out to Austin, Texas following.

Austin rips!Yeah, that"s what I hear.

Do you remember who the first perchild to contact you Boo was?Of course guy. My Mamma, it all began via Boo Boo then it acquired cut dvery own to Boo as I got older.

Boo Johnkid, frontside krooks a rail in Carkid, Calif.Ben KarpinskiWhat"s your actual name?Jakel Johnboy.

If someone sneaks up on you and also screams "boo!" it"s not gonna make you flinch, right?Come on dude, of course not. I get that so a lot it"s annoying.

How have the right to someone streatment you Boo?I don"t understand male, most likely if I was walking dvery own a dark hall means alone and a random person jumped out of nowbelow and made a sketchy noise... Just do not yell Boo!

When was the last time you were scared?

The last time I was scared... I don"t understand to be hoswarm. Probably the other day flying out here to Dallas it was mad windy and pouring rain. I kinda was hoping our aircraft would certainly acquire right into the air safely.

Is your little bit brother still skating?He"s been chilling hard lately on skating. He"s even more right into sports prefer basesphere and basketsphere right now.

I usage to provide him shoes when he was a tiny dude.

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Yeah male I remember, he was a tiny ripper. It damages me to see him not on his board anyeven more. It"s crazy reason so many type of people ask around the lil buddy as well.

Does he still look like a baby Sheffey? Kinda. He"s all grown up currently though.

What"s some tricks little bit bro have the right to carry out that you can"t?Actually a lot of tricks. He was always really technology.

How did he gain so buff?I don"t know around buff yet he"s a solid child. He started high college an began hitting up the institution gym I guess.

Do you think you males will ever before ride for the exact same suppliers and travel the world together if he picks up his board again?

I really don"t understand but that would certainly be awesome. We were able to travel a bit together while we both were on Powell back in the day.

Element Skateboards young warm shot.Ben KarpinskiHow did you finish up on Element?It was kinda random. Ryan Dewitt offered me a call at some point and we talked about it yet I had actually to organize earlier for a while since I was on Powell. I offered Dewitt a contact earlier a month or so later and also it all operated out. I"m stoked to be apart of the Element Am squad.

Do you have a full component in Element"s Am video that"s around to drop?Yeah, it"s going to be a full component, man. I"m hyped for it to drop May 1 Julian Davidkid, Evan Smith, Nick Garcia, Trent McClung and Madars will all have actually complete components.

Who will certainly be the initially am to go Pro on Element this year?I can not say anypoint yet I"ll simply say he was the just Am on Element prior to every one of us obtained put on.

Have you viewed the Element video yet?I"ve watched most of the components choose Julian"s, Nick"s and Trent"s yet I can"t wait to check out the totality video on April 27 at the premiere!

Who were some of your favorite Element riders from method back?

Tony Tave!

Word of advice for the kids out there?Keep shredding and also do it for the love and passion.