Brazil scientific mobility program

As an arising economy, the Brazilian federal government has actually introduced nationwide scholarship programs in order to strengthen the education and also workpressure of its world. Through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, hundreds of Brazil’s brightest students in the fields of scientific research, modern technology, engineering and math (STEM) are provided the opportunity to examine at some of the world’s best colleges. Scholarship recipients spend one year of research abroad and also then complete their levels at Brazilian organizations. The United States is currently hosting virtually 2,000 students from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program.

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Meet some of the Brazilian students researching in the USA!



“I will work-related in order to pursue a PhD degree in the field of biological scientific researches, more specifically in the cancer therapeutics location. My education suffer in the UNITED STATE was an excellent opportunity to obtain deeper right into this area, learning even more around molecular biology and also immunology with the good faculty at Rutgers.”

-Helena Flores Mello, from the Universidade Federal carry out Rio Grande execute Sul, is a junior researching Biological Sciences at Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey.


“This regimen, it’s helping me a lot to expand my horizons, to view just how things are done in a arisen nation and exactly how people attend to all these various points. I hope I have actually the possibility to carry all the good knowledge that I got here and also apply it in Brazil.”

-Fábio Witt Jagcurrently, from Universidade de Ribeirão Preto, is a senior researching Computer Information Systems at The golden state State University, Chico.

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“Speaking English fluently is important in the chemical engineering area in Brazil. Learning exactly how to deal with various world from various societies is also great.”

-Roberta Alves Medina, from the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia, is a junior studying Chemical Engineering at Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey.


“It was a distinct possibility to research in one of the world's finest universities. I would certainly have the ability to keep cshed call via competitive educational systems carefully related to innovation and innovation.”

-Raphael Lucas Vidotti, from Centro Universitario da FEI, is a senior studying Civil Engineering at Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey..


“My goal is to work with toxicology, perhaps forensic toxicology. I think this program is, even more than every little thing, an experience that adjusted my vision of the human being and the future."

-Luísa Becker Bertotto, from the Universidade Luterana carry out Brasil, is a senior studying Biomedical Sciences at Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey.