Burr Oaks Nature Center Blue Springs Mo

This area is mostly forested, however it likewise functions establiburned prairies, recovered glades, savannas, woodlands, many ponds, and creeks.



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Nature Center hours: Tue - Fri 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., closed on all state holidaysAdmission is complimentary.

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1401 NW Park RoadBlue Springs, MO 64015Phone: 816-228-3766website





A huge nature facility offering exhibits and also interpretive programs, picnic areas, pavilions, 6 hiking trails, viewing/photo blind, and also viewing decks and also bridges. Tright here is likewise Burr Oak Creek and also scenic limerock exposures.Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area is 1,071-acre residential or commercial property situated in Blue Springs just north of I-70. Burr Oak Woods was purchased in 1977 and also the Nature Center was constructed in 1982, the initially nature center in the State of Missouri. The Nature Center was updated in February 2016 through new interactive exhibits. Natural features on the location encompass steep forested hillsides alengthy Burr Oak Creek (the namesake of the property), big limerock boulders and also outcrops, brought back prairies and woodlands, and also a trail complex that will guide visitors through many kind of of the noted attributes.Programs for arranged teams are accessible with a reservation at leastern two weeks in development. Call the Nature Center for details.

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