Campbell Biology In Focus 2Nd Edition

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In 930 text pages, the best-marketing “short” textbook, Campbell Biology in Focus, emphasizes the important content, concepts, and scientific abilities essential for success in the college introductory course for biology majors.

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Eexceptionally unit takes an approach to streamlining the material that finest fits the requirements of instructors, based on surveys, curriculum initiatives, reviews, discussions via numerous biology professors, careful analyses of course syllabi, and also the Vision and also Change in Undergraduate Biology Education report. The 2nd Edition builds on the Campbell hallnote standards of accuracy, clarity, and pedagogical innovation, going beyond this foundation to help students make relations visually across chapters, translate real data from research, and also synthedimension their knowledge. The accompanying digital resources encompass brand-new, mobile-friendly devices that aid instructors teach complicated topics better than ever before; combine the eText through videos and animations; and permit students to test, learn, and also retest until they accomplish mastery of the content.

Fully included through the textbook, MasteringBiology is an virtual homeoccupational, tutorial, and assessment product that improves outcomes by helping students conveniently grasp ideas. Students benefit from self-paced tutorials that feature personalized wrong-answer feedearlier and also clues that emulate the office-hour experience and aid save students on track. With a vast selection of interactive, engaging, and assignable tasks, students are urged to actively learn and retain difficult course principles.


Make Connections Figures

Ten Make Connections Figures integrate content from different chapters and also carry out a visual depiction of “huge picture” relationships. Make Connections numbers include:

Fig. 3.30 Contributions of Genomics and Proteomics to Biology, p. 68 Fig. 8.20 The Working Cell, pp. 178-179 Fig. 16.21 Genomics, Cell Signaling, and also Cancer, pp. 338-339 Fig. 21.15 The Sickle-Cell Allele, pp. 428-429 Fig. 26.14 Maximizing Surchallenge Area, p. 526 Fig. 29.10 Mutualism Across Kingdom and also Domains, p. 603 Fig. 32.3 Life Challenges and Solutions in Plants and also Animals, pp. 666-667 Fig. 37.8 Ion Movement and Gradients, p. 777 Fig. 42.18 The Working Ecosystem, pp. 902-903 Fig. 43.28 Climate Change Has Effects at All Levels of Biological Organization, pp. 924-925


By reinforcing fundamental conceptual relationships throughout biology, these figures help get rid of students’ tendencies to compartmentalize information. Each Make Connections number consists of a Make Connections Question
that asks students to relate content in the chapter to product presented earlier in the course.


Each exercise concludes with Interpret the Data Questions that construct in difficulty, walking students via new abilities action by action and also providing methods for higher-level important thinking.

Practice Scientific Skills

UPDATED | Scientific Skills Exercises in eextremely chapter use genuine information from publimelted research study, cited in the exercise, to build crucial skills necessary for biology, including data analysis, graphing, experimental architecture, and math abilities. New to the Second Edition are exercises on Using Protein Sequence Documents to Test an Evolutionary Hypothesis (Chapter 20) and also Interpreting Genomic Documents and Generating Hypotheses (Chapter 26).

Each Scientific Skills Exercise is based on an experiment regarded the chapter content and also additionally has actually an assignable, interactive tutorial version in MasteringBiology that is immediately graded and also contains coaching feedearlier.

Interpret Documents

NEW | Interpret the Data Questions throughout the text ask students to analyze a graph, figure, or table. Eincredibly Interpret the Data question from the text is assignable in MasteringBiology.


Campbell Biology in Focus, Second Edition, andMasteringBiology
 market a vast range of means for students to relocate beyond memorization and to think like a scientist.


The 2nd Edition reflects students how our capability to sequence DNA and also proteins rapidly and inexpensively is transcreating every subarea of biology, from cell biology to physiology to ecology. For instance, the examples in this new number from Chapter 3 are explored in greater depth later on in the text.

Keep Current with New Scientific Advances

NEW | The Second Edition incorporates up-to-date content on genomics, gene editing, huguy development, microbiomes, climate adjust, and even more. For even more details, please see the "New To This Edition" information easily accessible on the Internet magazine web page.

Focus on the Key Concepts

UPDATED | QR Codes and also URLs at the end of each chapter give students quick accessibility to Vocabulary Self Quizzes and Practice Tests on their smartphones, taballows and also computer systems. These brand-new sources are incorporated into the text’s structure of organizing each chapter around 3 to 6 Key Concepts that focus on the significant picture and also administer a conmessage for the supporting details.

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The Overview of Key Concepts
 refocuses students on the primary points of the chapter with Outline of Key Concepts concerns and also Summary numbers that recap essential indevelopment visually.

Synthesize Your Knowledge

NEW | Synthesize Your Knowledge Questions ask students to use their understanding of the chapter content to describe an intriguing photo.

Recheck out the table of contents listed below for Campbell Biology in Focus, Second Edition to gain a better expertise of the textbook’s company and the topics extended in each chapter. Chapter 8 and also Chapter 32 are easily accessible for downpack as sample chapters in PDF format. You"ll require Acrobat Reader to view the chapters. Students are invited to share their feedago by completing a questionnaire.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Evolution and the Foundations of Biology


Chapter 2: The Chemical Context of Life

Chapter 3: Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life

Chapter 4: A Tour of the Cell

Chapter 5: Membrane Transport and also Cell Signaling

Chapter 6: An Review to Metabolism

Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

Chapter 8: Photosynthesis | PREVIEW AS PDF

Chapter 9: The Cell Cycle


Chapter 10: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles

Chapter 11: Mendel and also the Gene Idea

Chapter 12: The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 13: The Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 14: Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein

Chapter 15: Regulation of Gene Expression

Chapter 16: Advancement, Stem Cells, and Cancer

Chapter 17: Viruses

Chapter 18: Genomes and also Their Evolution


Chapter 19: Descent with Modification

Chapter 20: Phylogeny

Chapter 21: The Evolution of Populations

Chapter 22: The Origin of Species

Chapter 23: Broad Patterns of Evolution


Chapter 24: Early Life and the Diversification of Prokaryotes

Chapter 25: The Origin and also Diversification of Eukaryotes

Chapter 26: The Colonization of Land

Chapter 27: The Rise of Animal Diversity


Chapter 28: Plant Structure and Growth

Chapter 29: Reresource Acquisition, Nutrition, and also Transport in Vascular Plants

Chapter 30: Remanufacturing and Domestication of Flowering Plants

Chapter 31: Plant Responses to Internal and External Signals


Chapter 32: The Internal Environment of Animals: Organization and also Regulation | PREVIEW AS PDF

Chapter 33: Animal Nutrition

Chapter 34: Circulation and Gas Exchange

Chapter 35: The Immune System

Chapter 36: Remanufacturing and Development

Chapter 37: Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling

Chapter 38: Nervous and Sensory Systems

Chapter 39: Motor Mechanisms and also Behavior


Chapter 40: Population Ecology and also the Distribution of Organisms

Chapter 41: Species Interactions

Chapter 42: Ecodevices and also Energy

Chapter 43: Global Ecology and also Conservation Biology

MasteringBiology is an digital homejob-related, tutorial, and assessment product that boosts results by helping students easily understand ideas. Students advantage from self-paced tutorials that attribute personalized wrong-answer feedearlier and also hints that emulate the office-hour endure and aid save students on track. With a broad selection of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are motivated to proactively learn and retain tough course concepts.

For Instructors: Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules

NEW | Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules
 assist instructors manipulate the finest teaching devices before, in the time of, and also after class. Incorporating the best that the text, MasteringBiology, and also Learning Catalytics have to offer, these modules can be accessed via the Instructor Resources area of MasteringBiology and include brand-new ideas for in-course tasks.

Solve It Tutorials

NEW | Solve It Tutorials communicate students in a multi-action investigation of a “mystery” or open up question in which they need to analyze actual data. Topics include:

Which Biofuel Has the Most Potential to Reduce our Dependence on Fossil Fuels? Is It Possible to Treat Bacterial Infections Without Traditional Antibiotics? Which Insulin Mutations May Result in Disease? Are You Getting the Fish You Phelp For? Why Are Honey Bees Vanishing? What is Cautilizing Episodes of Muscle Weakness in a Patient? How Can the Severity of Forest Fires Be Reduced?
Most Interpret the Data assignments are presented in multiple parts through concerns that develop in difficulty and also guide students as they construct information analysis skills.

Interpret the Documents

NEW | Every Interpret the Documents Question from the text has an assignable version in MasteringBiology. These questions, which coach student on exactly how to review information and also graphs, are immediately graded and carry out personalized feedearlier for wrong answers.

Dynamic Study Modules

NEW | Dynamic Study Modules aid students obtain, retain, and also respeak to indevelopment faster and more effectively than ever before. The modules are obtainable as a self-study tool or can be assigned by the instructor.

Once students testimonial the explacountries from the textbook, they are presented through a brand-new set of concerns. Students cycle through this dynamic procedure of test-learn-retest till they achieve mastery of the textbook material.

Questions develop in challenge, walking students with brand-new abilities action by step and providing avenues for higher-level instrumental reasoning.

Scientific Skills Exercises

NEW | Each Scientific Skills Exercise from the message has actually an assignable, interenergetic tutorial version in MasteringBiology that is automatically graded and also contains coaching feedback.

HHMI Brief Films

NEW | HHMI Short Films, documentary-high quality movies from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, connect students in topics from the discovery of the double helix to advancement, with assignable inquiries.

Each short film attributes detailed biologists. Several assessment questions are offered for each brief film and include personalized feedearlier for wrong answers.

Chapter 8 and Chapter 32 are available for download as sample chapters in PDF format. You"ll need Acrobat Reader to check out the chapters. Students are invited to share their feedearlier by completing a questionnaire.