Maintaining the Campbell standards of accuracy, clarity, and pedagogical innovation, the new third Edition helps students make relations across chapters, interpret genuine data, and synthedimension expertise. The latest edition integprices brand-new clinical findings throughout and also uses even more than 450 videos and animations in Mastering® Biology, which is embedded in the new Pearkid eText.

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This regimen completely covers the College Board’s AP® Biology Curriculum Framework and is supported by a riches of teacher and also student products.

Connect to the Big Ideas

Each chapter is organized around a structure of three to salso Key Concepts that focus on the Big Ideas and also provide a context for the supporting details.



Focus on Visual Skills

NEW!Visualizing Figures teach students just how to analyze diagrams and models in biology. AP-focused concerns that accompany each Visualizing Figure help students affix essential knowledge and Science Practices across the Big Ideas making use of visual representations and models.

Scientific Skills Exercises assist students grasp the Framework’s Science Practices by making use of genuine data to build vital skills needed for biology, consisting of data evaluation, graphing, experimental design, and also math skills.

NEW!Problem-Solving Exercises overview students in using scientific skills and also interpreting real information in the context of resolving a real-people difficulty.

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New and also Improved! Pearson’s LabBench

Pearson’s LabBench functions 13 online investigation tutorials that retain many kind of of the elements of the original LabBench, assignable in Mastering Biology. Designed to prepare students for their lab job-related and reinforce essential biological ethics, these pre-labs are correlated to AP® Biology Curriculum Framework-related Learning Objectives and Science Practices.


Mastering Biology is the many progressed, most commonly offered digital tutorial and also homejob-related routine easily accessible. Mastering Biology, with Pearboy eText, uses the Socratic method to coach students via problem-solving techniques, offering ideas and easier inquiries on research to aid students learn, not simply exercise. Tutorials guide students through the most complex biology topics and also helps them make relationships.

The Mastering mechanism helps teachers maximize class time via easy-to-assign, customizable, and also automatically graded assessments that motivate students to learn.


Test Prep Workbook for AP® Biology, 7e Holtzcregulation, Holtzclaw

Authored by award-winning AP Biology instructors, Fred and Theresa Holtzclaw, this Test Prep Workbook is fully-aligned through the brand-new AP Biology Course Frameoccupational (effective Fall 2020). The workbook gives course content information and also installed “Practice the Practice” tasks to help students construct forced science skills. To assist through the Framework’s laboratory investigations, the workbook consists of support for what students need to know and have the ability to do, together with activities to rehearse their abilities. To offer students practice with an actual AP examination, a sample test is included through answers and also explacountries. This workbook is aligned through the Campbell BIOLOGY and Biology in Focus textpublications, but it will aid any type of student prepare for the AP Biology Exam.

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