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Introducing the latest edition of Campbell Biology through also even more immersive content, tools, and experiences. The writer team’s vision has actually always been — and proceeds to be — to construct trusted content, use art to teach, and innovate to develop a product that will certainly assist eextremely student obtain a true expertise of biology.

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Explore brand-new and updated features — we’ve included even more devices and tasks to enhance the teaching and discovering experience.

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Unwritten Webinar Series

The scientific research of the virus with professor and writer Lisa Urry

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Empower your learners through the latest student-focused content and tools that promote effective discovering and also engagement. See just how the attributes occupational hand in hand via Mastering™ Biology to reinforce crucial concepts, develop clinical skills, and also promote active participation. Find Out more about Mastering


Chapter Openers

Start each chapter via a featured question answered by a clear, straightforward picture to assist students visualize and also remember principles as they progress. Each opener contains a examine pointer and also references necessary sources in Mastering Biology.


Pearkid eText for the 12th Edition

Bring biology to life via 500 videos and animations, consisting of HHMI BioInteractives and Figure Walkthroughs. Each chapter contains Get Ready for This Chapter Questions and also End-of-Chapter Quizzes. With the new Scheduled Readings function, easily select and asauthorize specific sections or complete chapters via the assignment development procedure.


Science in the Classroom

Improve students’ understanding of primary literary works with annotated journal write-ups from the Amerihave the right to Association for the Development of Science. The short articles also have assessments in Mastering to straight their finding out.

Get your students proactively analysis. Worksheet inquiries overview them through their reading and ensure they’re concentrating on the a lot of necessary pieces of information. These are discovered in the Study Area of Mastering Biology.

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These visual representations show the “massive picture” relationships in between content from various chapters. Now accessible in the textbook, Pearkid eText, and Mastering Biology.

We"ve included even more Walkthroughs that highlight essential numbers through narrated explanations and also number markups, and have installed self-assessments that overview students to a deeper understanding of biological frameworks, processes, and also attributes.

The Campbell Biology assessment routine has actually been reconstructed to satisfy today’s learners. We’ve boosted test financial institution concerns to better fit just how students check out, analyze, and also communicate via the content.

Interactive Visual Activities give students an engaging way to interact through Campbell Biology’s powerful art regime while deepening their knowledge of biology. These are installed in Pearkid eText for seamless access.

We’ve included more modules to help instructors conserve time and teach the toughest topics in General Biology. These modules are simple to usage and also incorporate the best that the text, Mastering Biology, and also Learning Catalytics have to sell.

Author videos

Hear from 2 of the Campbell Biology authors as they present brand-new and also exciting additions to the text. 

The Secret to Campbell Biology’s Success

Lead author, Lisa Urry, defines hallmark aspects that collection this text acomponent and aid enhance the teaching and finding out experience.

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Authors Share Their Excitement about Campbell Biology, 12th Edition

Authors Lisa Urry and Rebecca Orr discuss their excitement approximately the 12th Edition of Campbell Biology.Read the transcript

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Explore our complete playlist for videos on Science in the Classroom, Ready-to-Go Teaching modules, Chapter Openers, and also other features.Watch the playlist