Campbell Scientific has a variety of totally free and experienced software application for programming data loggers, remote information surveillance, and SCADA control units. Click the links at appropriate to learn even more.

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Campbell Scientific dataloggers are at the center of our rugged, trusted data acquisition units. These dataloggers share comparable measurement and also programming capabilities; selection of the proper datalogger relies largely on the kind, number, precision, and also speed of measurements required.

Datalogger Features:Measure almost any type of sensorProvide non-volatile information storage and on-board battery-backed clockOn-board information processingInitiate measurement and also control functions based on time or eventControlling exterior gadgets such as pumps, motors, alarms, freezers, valves, and so on.COMPUTER support software or keyboard/screen to programOperate independently of AC power, computers, and also humale interactionConsume minimal power from a 12 Vdc source (solar recharge available)Interchallenge via on-site and teleinteraction gadgets such as telephone modems (including cellular and also voice-synthesized), short haul modems, radio transceivers, satellite transmitters, and also ethernet interfacesOperating temperature selection of -25° to 50°C; optional extfinished arrays are available

Below is indevelopment on the Campbell Scientific dataloggers that we sell and support. If you have actually any questions please contact us for a no responsibility consultation. We have the right to provide quotes and detailed specification indevelopment.


The CR800 and also CR850 dataloggers provide precision measurement capabilities in a rugged, battery-operated package. The two models differ in that the CR850 has a built-in key-board screen. (The CR800 deserve to usage an external keyboard display screen, the CR1000KD, which connects to the CR800 by means of its CS I/O port.)

The CR800/850 is smaller than the CR1000, and also is a research-grade datalogger designed for stand-alone operation in harsh, remote atmospheres. It is intended for smaller configurations in which fewer sensors will be measured. Each CR800 series logger reads input from sensors, then transmits the information via a communication peripheral; many sensors and also teleinteraction devices are compatible, multiple CR800s have the right to be configured as a network-related or devices can be deployed individually.

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CR800/CR850 Benefits and also FeaturesIdeal applications include wind profiling, weather stations, air top quality, ETo/farming, air top quality, soil moisture, water level/stage, aquaculture, car testing, Time Domajor Reflectomeattempt, SCADA, and water qualitySerial interactions through serial sensors and also gadgets sustained through I/O port pairsContains practice ASIC chip that expands pulse count, regulate port, and serial communications capabilitiesCompatible via channel growth and peripherals allowing you to expand also your systemSupports PakBus, Modbus, SDI-12, and DNP3 protocolsIncludes both a CS I/O port and also an RS-232 port for connection communication devicesGas Discharge Tube (GDT) safeguarded inputsBattery-backed SRAM and clock that encertain information, programs, and accurate time are preserved while datalogger is disassociated from the primary power source

Designed for stand-alone operation in harsh, remote environments. The CR3000 consists of a compact, incorporated package with a built-in power supply, a 128-by 64-pixel backlit graphical or eight-line numeric display, and also a 16-character key-board.

CR3000 Benefits and also FeaturesIdeal applications include Eddy-covariance, wind profiling, HVAC, weather stations, auto experimentation, air quality, procedure regulate, Mesonet devices, agriculture, soil moisture, Time Domajor Reflectometry, and also water qualityIntegrated keyboard and display screen display screen let you routine, manually initiate information transfers, and check out data, all on siteIncludes a existing excitation channel enabling straight link of PRTs or other sensors that usage a current excitationSerial communications via serial sensors and devices sustained by means of I/O port pairsSupports PakBus, Modbus, SDI-12, and DNP3 protocolsCommunicates using various options: TCP/IP, email, FTP, internet server, radio, cellular, satelliteGas Discharge Tube (GDT) safeguarded inputs4-MB memory have the right to be increased through add-on memory systemsFlexible power and communication alternatives make it appropriate for remote locationsCompatible with channel development peripherals allowing you to expand your systemBattery-backed SRAM and clock that encertain information, programs, and exact time are kept while datalogger is disassociated from the primary power sourceCollects and also stores information and controls peripherals as the brain of your system

The CR1000 Datalogger will be easily accessible for order via 31 Jan 2020. You will certainly not be able to purchase a CR1000 after this date

The purchase of a CR1000 has Campbell Scientific free support until 2025. Repair services for the CR1000 will proceed until 2030. Please note that specific repairs might not be feasible because of components obsolescence. Recalibration solutions for the CR1000 will be available till at least 2030. OS 32 is the last significant variation of the operating system. Changes to the OS from this point on will be constrained to minor revisions.

These dataloggers are no longer obtainable. Campbell Scientific will continue to provide customer assistance and also repair solutions for the CR200X, CR206X, CR211X and CR216X till at leastern January 2028. Please note yet that specific repairs may not constantly be feasible because of components obsolescence.