Immerse your guests in a organic establishing through complete amenities, miles of trails, live animals, and also fabulous nature exhibits in our historic lodge. Facing Cayuga Lake and also 5 miles north of Ithaca, this historic WPA-era lodge and 120 acres of lush lawns, wooded trails, waterfalls, a butterfly garden, and also six-story tree house, carry out a rustic and natural ambiance to any type of kind of event, large or tiny.

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Civil Union, Commitment Ceremony, Elopement, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-Religious Ceremony, Religious Ceremony, 2nd Wedding , Vow Renewal Ceremony
The Cayuga Nature Center is a great venue for your wedding. We had our Rehersal/Out of Tvery own Guest Dinner tright here and also it provided the perfect setting for our big family and wedding party. Beside’s having a kitchen, tables, chairs, and also a charming...
atmosphere, the Cayuga Nature Center offered our out of tvery own guests a quick education around the pets that live in this area (which can be advantageous once trying to uncover somepoint to talk to your Great Aunt Gladys about). Tbelow is plenty of space both indoors and exterior and also the staff is friendly and straightforward to work-related via plus it felt great knowing our money was helping to support a regional non profit. Don’t pay also much for a dull venue that lacks live animals, book the Cayuga Nature Center and really wow your guests!
Thank you Isaac, and we are glad you had an engaging and also enjoyable experience! Congratulations to you both, and also we appreciate the feedback!
The nature center is a beautiful location to have a wedding. Tright here is an area simply external the lodge for a tent, which is where I had my ceremony. We did dinner and dancing inside. Tbelow are also side rooms through live pets consisting of flying squir...

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rels and also chinchillas... the guests loved looking at them! The director was sensibly accommodating, although I recognize they're undergoing some transforms as a result of merging via the Museum of the Earth, so there might be some preeminence alters in the close to future. This venue is not appropriate for a party of more than 130 civilization. We had actually about 125 and we really had actually to arrangement ahead in order to obtain all the tables and chairs to fit for dinner, and also then we had to fill some tables/chairs up in order to have actually room for dancing. Otherwise, I love the nature center! Oh, and it's about as cheap as it gets for an indoor + outdoor area rental!
I wanted to discover a venue with its very own timeless character, and one via proximity to organic beauty. The nature center was perfect because we could have actually an outdoor ceremony yet additionally have access to a beautiful old lodge. The lodge has actually a huge primary r...
oom wbelow we put up a dinner buffet and also dancing, and also then we had a framed tent (which we rented) in the courtyard wbelow all the dinner tables were. We actually rented the Nature Center for the whole weekfinish, which was awesome because we might have actually a rehearsal dinner tright here on Friday evening and a brunch on Sunday morning. Do understand that the atmosphere at the Nature Center is pretty laid-back and is not a typical wedding venue- the staff is valuable through answering any type of questions you might have, yet otherwise it's greatly up to you to figure out how to make the the majority of of the venue.
I really feel that our selection of the Cayuga Nature Center made our wedding a success in many type of of the methods that were necessary to us. Dozens of people told us it was the many beautiful wedding they had actually ever been to. It was a lovely, serene ...