Chapter 4 Biology Test

idea that all living points are composed of cells, cells are the standard systems of framework and also function in living points, and also brand-new cells are produced from existing cells
the huge organelle close to the facility of the cell that has the hereditary material and directs the tasks of the cell.

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a type of plastid that has a device of flattened membranous sacs that transform solar power to usable power.
the procedure through which water molecules diffusage throughout a cell membrane from an area of better concentration to a space of lower concentration.
once the concentration of solute molecules exterior the cell is lower than the concentration in the cytosol.
once the concentration of solute molecules outside the cell is higher than the concentration in the cytosol.
another kind of passive move supplied for molecules that cannot diffuse quickly via cell membranes.

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in facilitated diffusion, the activity of these kinds of molecules across the cell membrane is assisted by specific proteins in the membrane.
a kind of active carry in the pet cells requires a carrier protein that transporting activities Na+ ions and also K+ ions up their concentration gradients.
the procedure whereby cells ingest external fluid, macromolecules, and large pwrite-ups, consisting of other cells.
cells that allow lysosomes to fuse via the vesicle that has the ingested bacteria and viroffers.
vesicles in the cytoplasm fusage with the cell membrane, releasing their contents into the cells outside environment.


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