* Conservation and Biology (ISSN 1071-8443) – International Journal of Turtle and Tortoise Research. We are the only worldwide scientific peer-reregarded journal of cosmopolitan and also broad-based coverage of all elements of conservation and biology of all kaupunkiopas.coms, consisting of freshwater turtles, marine turtles, and also tortoises. The editorial team for the journal is headed by Jeffrey A. Seminoff and also includes several leading global turtle research study and conservation authorities.

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Editors:Jeffrey A. Seminoff (Executive Editor), Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, The golden state, USAJeffrey E. Lovich, Southwest Biological Science Center, Flagstaff, Arizona, USAPeter V. Lindeman, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, USAVivian P. Páez, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, ColombiaJoshua R. Ennen, Chattanooga, Tenneswatch, USAAnders G.J. Rhodin (Founding Editor), Research Foundation, Arlington, Vermont, USA

Associate Editors:Luca Luiselli, Centre of Environmental Studies Demetra, Rome, ItalyCristina A. Jones, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Phoenix, Arizona, USASandra Hochscheid, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli, Italy

Consulting Editors:Russell A. Mittermeier, Conservation Internationwide, Arlington, Virginia, USAEric V. Goode, Turtle Conservancy, Ojai, California, USA

Former CCB Editorial Recheck out Board members (click here).

Volumes 1–4 (1993-2005) were publimelted solely by Research Foundation (CRF) and all articles, notes, and also commentaries are accessible as open-accessibility downloadable scanned pdf’s or for purchase (click HERE).

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Requests for scanned pdf copies of individual write-ups from these past concerns might also be sent to Anders Rhodin using the contact form.

Due to the fact that Volume 5 (2006) publication has been by CRF in cooperation with Allen Press and Turtle Conservancy and purchase of earlier worries (2006–current) are available from the Allen Press website ( HERE).

** CCB has actually a high Thomkid Reuters ISI journal Impact Factor, presently ranked among the peak 100 zoology and also herpetology journals worldwide.

Due to the fact that our initial worry in 1993, our global distribution has actually grown steadily, and we presently have a circulation of about 1000 to more than 60 countries. The depth and also breadth of our coverage of turtle research study has likewise raised, and we invite you to evaluate the enclosed scientific table of contents of the issues produced so far and hope that the high quality of the research entices you to subscribe. Included in the contents are the formal descriptions of 3 new genera and three brand-new species of turtles, and also short articles on ecology, systematics, conservation, reproduction, sex determination, breeding and also husbandry, pathology, physiology, morphology, and also wildlife management. We publish about 2 concerns per year. Eexceptionally journal depends on its contributing authors, subscribing readers, and also institutional libraries for its assistance. May we count on yours? Please consider subscribing for yourself, or encourage your institutional library to subscribe. We additionally invite all turtle workers to think about publishing their turtle study via us.