Cherry tomato scientific name

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae(unranked): Angiosperms(unranked): Eudicots(unranked): AsteridsOrder: SolanalesGenus: SolanumSpecies: S. lycopersicumBinomial name: Solanum lycopersicum var

A Cherry tomato is a minute kind of tomato that people are harvesting from the 1800s. Its slated origin is North of Chile and also Peru.Anatomy

The Cherry tomatoes deserve to range in size from the size of the reminder of your thumb to a golf ball, the shape alters from even more or much less oblengthy to spherical. These tomatoes via even more oblong shapes have the exact same properties of plum tomatoes and go by the name of grape tomatoes.

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We believe that Cherry tomatoes originated in Aztec Mexico at the least from the 1fifth century AD. As per statistics, we think that the Greeks began harvesting the Santorini cherry tomatoes from the 1875’s. In the earlier component of 1800, the monks carried these tomato seeds to the west. The locals thought that these came from Egypt.

For Farming Domestically

Soil for Planting

We deserve to thrive Cherry tomatoes from seeds in pots more or less 6 to 8 weeks before the finish of the frost. Top the pot via soil and also sow the cherry tomatoes to approximately 1/8 inch. To decrease the fungi on the foliage, save them in an airy place. Soil rich in comarticle, and also included via lime is crucial for protecting blossom end rot.



After the seeds sprout as seedlings, provide them sufficient sunlight to make them sufficiently rigid and also sturdy.

It would carry out well for planters of Cherry tomatoes to operate a fan listed below and also nearby to the cherry tomato seedlings 2 times daily for a period of 5 to 10 minutes. In instance you perform not have a fan, brush off the tops of the plants through your hand for some time daily. It simulates the swaying activity of the breeze. This aids the tomato plant to have actually a sturdy stem.


You have the right to select in between watering the plant commonly in a mild manner or when in a means, watering them deeply. The roots at the bottom obtain the advantage of the water only as soon as the water goes deep into the soil. The day you plant the seeds be specific you water them sufficiently well via a mixture of nitrogen fertilizer and also water. Before the plants freduced, remember giving them fertilizers rich in nitrogen. After flowering, swap to offer them fertilizers affluent in potassium and also phosphorus.

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Flowering and Maturing

Cherry tomatoes need an environment that is free of frost and also they require finish sunlight eincredibly day for at leastern 6 hours. Placing them in an airy sanctuary decreases the fungus on the foliage. Soil rich in comwrite-up, and also newly limed, is vital to protect the blossoms from decaying.


While transplanting the plants, take utmost care in handling them; do not tamper with the roots as this deserve to provide a shock to the plants. While planting them outdoors, you would execute well to plant them at a minimum of 24 inches.

Pests and Pesticides

Diseases quickly influence tomato plants, particularly because of the moist or wet problems bring about illness expansion and bacteria. Fruit flies generally strike cherry tomatoes. Use fruit baits in such situations. To protect them from caterpillars, spray with a horticultural soap solution (eg. Natrasoap).

Harvest Month and Storage


During wait duration, take persistent treatment of your plants, giving them the compelled fertilizers.Water them and this will boost harvest quality and that of your fruit. The wait period is the average amount of time the tomato takes to mature. While plucking tomatoes, pluck them in such a way that a piece of the stalk remains on the fruit; this maintains the freshness and also life of the fruit.


‘Sweet Million’ are a lot of renowned cherry; they develop long bunches of tomato red sweet fruit. ‘Sun Sugar’ bears richly flavored golden-colored super-sweet fruit which they call ‘Black Cherry’. These tomatoes have actually a complicated and also affluent, sweet flavor.