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631 Sherguy Drive, (910) 433-1579Center Hours: March-Oct.: Mon.-Fri. 10 am-4 pm, Sat. 11 am-4 pmNov.- Feb.: Mon.-Fri. 10 am-4 pmTrail Hours: 8am-Dusk



Clark Park and also its Nature Center sign up with the Cape Fear River Trail (CFRT) and Moses Mathis “Bicycle Man” playground/trailhead to create a facility suited to hours of enjoyment and also education and learning. The city’s second biggest regional park remains a natural area dedicated to preserving the environment, educating the public about nature, and offering the only camping in the area. The Nature Center"s museum attributes exhibits andcomplimentary viewing of live animals. A new walkable storybook feature, Cumberland County"s StoryWalk at Clark Park has freshly opened.

Visitors can picnic overlooking the woods and one of the highest waterdrops east of the mountains. For thoseinterested in walking or jogging, the park has its very own set of unled trails, and also serves as a trailhead forthe paved CFRT. The CFRT now has actually dedicated hill biking trails, accessed close to the Rivercliff subdivision at the bottom of Easthardwood Avenue. Well behaved, leashed pets are welcome on trails as long you clean up after them.

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Clark Park Nature Center provides nature and also redevelopment programming for educators, groups, individuals and households. Programs satisfy at the Nature Center unless otherwise noted. You have to pre-register for all programs. Register early; space is restricted in many programs. If enrollment is low, programs are canceled.

Contact the park office at 910-433-1579 if you would certainly prefer to receive a copy of our monthly newsletter via updated regime information or follow us on Facebook at

CLICK HEREto see the "Cevery one of the Wild," our the majority of recent Nature & Outdoor Programming Newsletter



All About Box Turtles!

Join one of our neighborhood Girl Scout Gold candidates as she educates today"s tourists about all things box turtle. Meet some of the Center"s 3 resident box turtles. Enjoy story time, games and also crafts throughout park visiting hours on this day! Call to register at 910-433-1579 yet walk-ups are additionally welcome.All ages; Sat., Aug. 7; 10 am-4 pm; Free

Homeinstitution Discoexceptionally Series

These programs are designed through homeschoolers in mind to help supplement their curriculum. August theme: Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn what makes reptiles different from amphibians through this hand-operated suffer.Call to register at 910-433-1579.All ages; Thurs., Aug. 5; 10-11:30 am; Free

Animal Feedings

Alligators chomping, snakes swenabling, and also turtles snapping, come see what is for dinner at the nature facility. Call to register at 910-433-1579.All ages; Wed.; Aug. 4 and also 11; Sept. 8, 15, 22 and also 29; 3-4 pm; Free


While our decreased ranger staff is busy through summer camps, they have all set a bounty of fun for you to execute at your own pace.

The Great Golden Pinecone Scavenger Hunt

Search for golden pinecones along the trail as you learn around transforming nature themes. Pick up game sheets anytime outside the nature center. Prizes accessible throughout nature facility hrs.

Teeny Animal Sculpture Hunt

Earn prizes as you search our brand-new Small Wondersexhibit for its 38 pint-sized topics. How many kind of are you familiar with? Have you ever before heard of a tiny, harmmuch less, snake that looks prefer an earthworm via eyes? See North Carolina"s smallest frogs, toads, snakes, salamanders, lizards and turtles in an exhilittle produced by wildlife artist Joe Mbody organ. Take residence a set of baseball-style pet fact cards about these critters together with your prizes. Available inside the nature facility.

Animal Homes Hike

This simple scavenger hunt is perfect to interact the monitoring skills of young children.Prizes easily accessible in the time of nature center hrs.

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Fairy Garden Fun

Bring a little item, painted stone, shell and so on to include to or create a fairy garden in the vicinity of the Nature Center*. Please store the gardens in the area roughly the nature facility and also playground so we deserve to store walking in the woods a herbal endure.

Kids in Parks Activity Brochures and also Website

Clark Park is component of the Blue Ridge Parkmeans Foundation’s Kids in Parks netjob-related of trails featuring special task stations. Goals are to encourage physical task and also develop relationships with nature to inspire the next generation of public land stewards. Each terminal has a series of brochures that turn an plain hike right into an adventure. Pamphlets encourage children to recognize plants and also pets, see the woodland from the perspective of creatures, and also search for herbal functions. Children can document their adendeavors atKidsinParks.comto earn prizes and arrangement more adendeavors. The catalog station is located near the playground and also yellow bicycle sculptures. Happy hiking!

Explore reading alengthy a stretch of trail near the playground. Stands tell the story of Bug Safari by Bob Barner, suitable for periods 3-6. Funded by the Women’s Giving Circle of Cumberland County, a money of Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. Available Monday with Sunday from 8 am to suncollection.Ages 3-6; Free

Children’s Loblolly Garden Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE)

What ever happened to making mud pies, sorting rocks, digging, watching ladybugs and also searching for four leaf clovers? Children are losing the hands-on endure through nature they when had. Research, consisting of thatcompiled by the Natural Learning Initiative at NC State, has actually shown that children’s social, psychological,scholastic and also physical health is positively affected by dailycontact through nature. Enjoy this special play area just outside the Nature Center. For even more on the benefits of nature play, visitwww.naturafinding

Center Exhibits

Clark Park has actually been working on brand-new exhibits during the quarantine. Throughout the present Phase of re-opening, some exhibits not defended via plexiglas are closed. Generous docountries from community donors have made new exhibits possible. They are: The Fayetteville-Cumberland Arts Council, the Cape Fear River Basin Environpsychological Fund and Waverly C. Broadwell Family Environmental Education Fund of Cumberland also Community Foundation, Inc. and the Florence Rogers Charitable Trust.

Wild Plants Walking Group


Meet various other plant lovers as we walk the trails at the park and also alengthy the Cape Fear River, identifying plants, watching their breakthrough and also noting their places. Observations will certainly be supplied to compile plant lists for the Park and also Cape Fear River Trail. This team is for adults and also mature youngsters and meets monthly relying on the availability of participants. Call910-433-1579 to expush interest.12+; Free




School and also Group Field Trips for 20+

(For Groups of Fewer Than 20: Attend a consistently scheduled routine, pick a self-guided visit, pick from a certain list of dates or attend one of our dedicated tiny group days. Call for availability.)

Are you in search of an amazing area expedition for your group? Is teaching hands-on science in the classroom a challenge? Our Nature Center tours and life, Earth and also physical scientific research programs can correlate to DOD and also North Carolina’s Essential Standards for Science. Programs deserve to be coupled through a nature hike. Bring lunches to picnic on the grounds andplayground after your program. Choose from guided hikes or popular topics such as wetlands, pet adaptations, beaver ecology, treeidentification, rocks and minerals, fossils, insects, the naval stores industry, Native American society, or simply a tour of the nature facility. Custom programs are easily accessible. Offered by appointment only; Free

Standards-Corconnected Programs

Geared Grades 3, 4 and also 5 - Water Education

Clark Park partners via the City’s storm water educator to deliver programs that incorporate a tour of the nature center, and also hike on the grounds in the Cape Fear River floodplain via a regimen segment highlighting thehydrospbelow.Standards which can be spanned include: 3. E. 2.1: “Compare Earth’s saltwater and also freshwater attributes (including oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and also glaciers,)” 4.L.1.3: “Explain just how people deserve to adapt their habits to living in transforming habitats (e.g. recycling waste, creating rain gardens, planting trees and shrubs to prevent flooding and erosion)” or 5.P.2.1: “Explain How the Sun’s Energy Impacts the Processes of the Water Cycle.”

In order for us to coordinate efforts, programs must be booked through Clark Park well in breakthrough, and choice is given to teams involving all students in a grade level.

Geared Grade 8 - Water Quality(organized at Lake Rim Park)

Students gain hand-operated endure predicting water high quality by experimentation for physical determinants and identifyingmacroinvertebrates. A storm water demonstration will certainly administer understanding on the methods humans influence water quality. Call Lake Rim Park at 433-1018 for information.

Pre-KCultivation Up Wild Field Trips

Farming Up Wild is a very early childhood education routine that builds on a sense of wonder about nature andinvites children to check out wildlife and the human being roughly them. Activities and also a craft provide a very early structure for occurring positive impressions around nature and lifelong social and scholastic abilities. Programs satisfy Head Start Domains and NAEYC Accreditation Criteria. Call for reservations and topics. $1/student

Environmental Mobile Unit (EMU)

For teams of 100 or more, Clark Park utilizes a twenty 4 foot mobile educational trailer that providesoutreach for institutions, area teams and also occasions within Cumberland also County. The EMU houses wildlife pelts, skulls, and also reptile and amphibian models, in addition to other exhibits. Some limitations apply. Reservations have to be made two months in breakthrough.$25/regime in county; $50/program out of county within 25 miles; Free for Cumberland also County Public Schools, Fort Bragg Schools and also affiliates.

Scout Outdoor Activities and Badge Programs

A park ranger deserve to assist scouts earn component of their Forester, Naturalist or Geologist Outdoor Activity Badges with an after- college regime that meets a portion of badge requirements. Classes deserve to be taught at Clark, Lake Rim or Mazarick Parks. Not obtainable on Sat.7-12 yrs; $2/participant

For various other custom programs requested by Scouts, please attempt to sign up with with at least one various other Troop for theideal possibility of booking among our busy Rangers.