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Regardless of what MMOG you play, you will discover a prevalent template in generalteam dynamics; healers have actually a very crucial duty in practically any type of group. Tright here are never sufficient to go about, and as soon as you discover a good one, you neverwant to let them obtain ameans. InDC Universe Online, you"ll find that sametemplate. Unfortunately, bereason healers can be a little intimidating toplay, not sufficient people are trying out the Nature and also Sorcery powersets. This overview will assist demystify the Nature healer and also clear the course for healersby giving loadout choices that occupational.

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If you desire popularity in DCUO, crave excitement, and also have plenty ofcourage to spare, you have to roll a Nature healer. You could findsurvivcapability to be an issue at lower levels, however don"t let this discourage you,it gets better as soon as you get a broader selection of powers. For weapon option,most healer like to stick through ranged. It helps keep the healer at a safedistance in the time of group battles, yet still permits the player to continue to be energetic incombat. If you"re a solo player, pick whichever weapon you like and also arecomfortable via. I personally rolled my Nature character with a staffand I really reap that combicountry.

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Who needs the flying power once you have actually this freakin"cool creature form?

The Nature powerset"s trait trees are vastly different and they have actually powersthat are distinctive to this class that I uncovered to be really cool. Plantstraits uses the Naturist"s partnership through plant life. You"ll uncover damagepowers, stuns, and heals in this tree. The Shapeshifting traits treeconsists of miscellaneous creature develops that include some impressive impacts as well as somehealing and damages powers. The creates might be a little odd to use at first, butyou easily master which forms provide which benefits and switching in and out ofcreates will certainly come to be second nature.

Damage Dealers

No one really plays a healing class for its damages potential alone, butplayers that spfinish some time soloing will certainly absolutely should know how to stack for damages. You don"t really have many choices to occupational via in this regard, but I spentsome time playing solo on my Nature hero and also it can be done.

First, from the Plants traits line, Vine Lash is really handy to have. Nature playerstfinish to be a bit even more squishy than the heartier classes, so being able toeffectively pull mobs away from the load is really exceptionally vital. If you headdown the left side of the trait tree you can pick up Impaling Thorns orBriar at lower levels, both of which are solid damages powers to have actually onhand also.

In the Shapeshifting traits tree, another beforehand power that is usefulthroughout your career is Roar. It stuns and also does some quick damageover time that have the right to really take a nice chunk out of the opponent"s health and wellness. You might not usage the creature forms as much if you are in a damages duty, however thePrimal Wolf Form is sort of fun to play in and also it helps with damagepotential. Finally, even though you are damages concentrated, it would be sillynot to have a heal on board for once you require it. It"s cheaper than sodercolas and has actually a much much better re-usage timer. Metabolism is my favorite heal,but Blossom will certainly get you by at reduced levels.

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For quick leveling, you can pretty a lot plow with mobs spreading VineLash, adhered to by Roar, then going nuts via weapon abilities. It"s aquick and also easy combination and it does the trick well right into your late teenagers. Ifyou"re having actually trouble remaining alive, replace Roar with Sheat Shieldrather for a little of defense.

Looking for a healing build? Check out the following page!

Group Healers

The best part of being a healer is that you are hardly ever in want for a group. Reputations develop fast though, so being a well organized and also prepared healer issuper vital if you desire to save obtaining into teams. Your loadout willmostly be stacked through heals but this is your chance to play with your develops aswell.

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This girl is certainly not a timid little flower.

The shapemoving powers come to be much even more useful for your healer loadout. Gorilla Form is a great general shapechanging power to have actually if you areworking both healing and damage. For more severe healing, you deserve to pick up Insectoid Form (instead of Gorilla Form) in combination through Hive MindTright here is some debate regarding whether or not these powers are functioning as theyneed to be, but I didn"t find them to be troublesome.

The rest of your powers will certainly be heals...all the heals you can get! Obviously you"ll need to gain these powers progressively, however ultimately youwill certainly desire to have actually Blossom, which is a smallish low level heal, and Bloom (later reinserted by Cross Pollicountry if you"re running out ofspace), which is a team heal over time, from the Plant traits tree. Fromthe Shapeshifting tree, you"ll certainly desire Metabolism, one more healover time. Regeneration is additionally an excellent choice to save on yourloadout if you have the room for it. It"s a supercharge power, however itticks up wellness and power for the totality group.

If you are working a small group and would prefer to have actually a damage power onboard, grab any type of one of the damage powers stated over and replace a lowerlevel heal, such as Blossom, through your damages power. You must be okaywithout any kind of damages powers if you have actually a weapon skill collection that you reap playing. In the healing duty, you deserve to whack amethod at stuff via my staff and also never missnot having damages powers.

Do you play a Nature powercollection healing? Share your experiences withother players on our forums and also let us recognize what loadouts work for you.