Deerfield hills nature area

Quick Description: Deerfield Hills Nature Area is a 388 acre park situated at the corner of Green Rd. and also Cohoctah Rd. It uses nature trails, magnificent views of Ore Creek and also a handicapped obtainable dock area on Howe Lake.

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Long Description:Park Rules are as follows:¨ Park hrs are from dawn to dusk.¨ Destruction of buildings, markers, monuments and various other properties is strictly prohibited.¨ Destruction of plant life or any type of natural surroundings is strictly prohibited.¨ It is unlawful for any kind of person to reason any type of pet or fowl to run at huge.¨ Horseback riding is permitted on designated trails just.¨ All pets must be under the prompt control of a knowledgeable person at all times. All dogs need to be leashed.¨ Bow searching and also fishing are allowed in accordance with the regulations of the state of michigan and the rules of the department of organic resources.¨ No swimming or bathing is enabled.¨ Only non-motorized canoes and also kayaks might be introduced within the park residential or commercial property.¨ It is unlawful to camp at any time.¨ No perchild shall construct any kind of fire upon park residential or commercial property.¨ You might park in allowed locations only.¨ No motor-moved vehicles of any kind of sort are permitted except in designated parking areas.¨ No peddling or soliciting is enabled.¨ No heralding or posting of unauthorized indications is enabled.¨ It is unlawful to proccasion or obstruct any type of perchild from entering, leaving, or using any kind of park residential property.¨ It is unlawful to hinder any township employee or agent while percreating official duties.¨ Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be allowed.¨ It is unlawful to connect in any type of violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, wanton, obscene or otherwise disorderly conduct.¨ Use of a loudspeaker is not permitted.¨ Firefunctions or any type of substance of an explosive nature is strictly prohibited.¨ No weapons are allowed.¨ It is unlawful to litter on park residential or commercial property or pollute the water in any means.¨ No erection, construction, or maintenance shall be made above or below ground, across or beneath park residential property without created permission from the township board.

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Estimated dimension of the public land (in regional measurement standard: hectares, acres, kms, and so on.): 388 acresIs there a trail system?: YesIf tbelow is a trail device, please explain size, terrain, and so on.: Tright here is an unmaintained trail device for traveling without power. The terrain is a series of rolling, greatly sandy hills. The location is heavily forested wright here there aren"t wetlands and lakes, other than for a meadow in the northeastern.What points of interemainder are there?: There is a boardwalk to Turtle Island where tbelow is some ruins, yet my favorite part of the park is old Turner Road at the southern edge. The road is gone, however the pathmeans still exists by an old farmhouse, a pine grove, enormous oak trees and also down to Ore Creek.What activities are available?: Horsebackriding, bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing, canoe/kayaking, bowhunting and also fishing etc. Pretty much anything except powered vehicles.Hours of accessibility?: Until DuskList of recognized perils (cliffs, snakes, poichild plants, etc.): Watch for the groundhog holes in the old field by Environment-friendly road.Dogs Allowed?: YesIs a permit/fee required?: NoIf a permit/fee is required please define in detail exactly how to gain one, how much, etc.: No permit requiredPlease supply the webwebsite of the land also if available:
Visit Instructions:Visitors are urged to supply a snapshot of either themselves or their GENERAL PRACTITIONERS at the trailhead and/or signage of the public access lands - explain your endure tright here and also what you experienced - tell us why various other folks should come visit!
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