Local kids and young human being are invited to hike the trails at Elsie Holmes Nature Park as component of the brand-new Outdoor Nature Club sponsored by the Catoosa County Redevelopment Department. / Catoosa County Recreation Department

How would certainly you choose to check out your kids looking at somepoint besides their electronic devices, acquiring some fresh air, exercise, discovering just how to ID snakes and mushrooms and birds?

You’re in luck (and also so are the kiddos). There’s a new club in town — the Outdoor Nature Club at Elsie Holmes Nature Park — and it’s totally free.

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The last Tuesday of eexceptionally month, children of all ages and also their paleas or guardians are invited to get involved in the club sponsored by the Catoosa County Recreation Department. Club meetings will certainly incorporate hiking and also finding out around conservation and local wildlife and plants.

“We hope to gain youngsters so excited they’ll want to put down their technology and embrace nature,” claims recreation assistant Chelsea Hoge. Hoge says some of her personal passions are reptiles and also amphibians, hiking and also conservation.

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Hoge and also Kim Sawyer, Catoosa Parks and also Reproduction regime manager, will certainly be teaching the classes, which, including hiking, will last 1-2 hrs. The first club meeting will certainly be held Oct. 30 at 4:30 p.m. and will be an introductory meeting. Meetings will certainly be held year-approximately, however may periodically have to be rereserved because of inclement weather.

“We plan to save adding topics and also activities favor plant and also insect identification and also composting to our meetings,” claims Hoge. “We’re huge on safety and security, too, so we’ll be teaching a lot about that.”

Hoge urges those that resolve wear lengthy pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toed shoes suitable for hiking. Parents or guardians are required to remain at Elsie Holmes Nature Park during meetings.




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