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Explore Scientific 2" - 2x Focal Extender

A Focal Extender does precisely what the name implies; it extends the effective focal length of the lens that it is used in conjunction via, therefore developing better magnifications for imaging and also visual applications.

Focal extenders are similar to a Barlow or tele-negative lens, but tbelow is one crucial distinction between the 2 that you will want to take into consideration, specifically if you setup to use the Explore Scientific Focal Extender for imaging and also astro-photography.

When you use a conventional Barlow or tele-negative lens to rise the magnification of your optical device, your results will be dependent on wbelow you place the Barlow in the optical chain. For circumstances, if you put a 2X Barlow lens in front of your diagonal rather of behind it (Barlow-Diagonal-Eyepiece as opposed to Diagonal-Barlow-Eyepiece), you won"t gain 2X magnification in both set-ups. The magnification varies through placement. However before, through an Explore Scientific Focal Extender, also if the distance is readjusted, the magnification remains the very same. You can place your Focal Extender anywhere along the optical chain between an eyepiece or a video camera, and also if you are supposed to obtain 2X magnification, you will gain 2X magnification.

When it pertains to imaging, this is a crucial difference, bereason you may desire to introduce an accessory prefer a flip mirror or filter wheel in in between the Focal Extender and also a CCD electronic camera, which would rise the distance to the concentrated picture. This difference in style allows individuals to rest easy, whether they are pumping up the magnification of a lower power eyepiece for visual monitorings or utilizing their Explore Focal Extender in imaging applications.

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Explore Scientific Focal Extender Highlights

More Magnification Choices without Sacrificing Eye Relief A excellent Focal Extender adds some genuine adaptability to your telescope accessory line-up. First of all, it enables you to increase the magnification of any eyepiece with the same barrel dimension that you already very own. In other words, 3 eyepieces sell 6 magnification choices through the enhancement of a focal extender. Secondly, most of the moment, lower magnification eyepieces have actually much better eye relief than greater power models. When making use of a focal extender to rise your magnification, you get to gain the generous eye relief of the reduced power eyepiece, and that"s fairly a bonus, specifically for eyeglass wearers or for those with rapid telescopes that deserve to really press high magnification eyepieces. Remember, we make focal extenders in 2X, 3X and also 5x models, so there is something for every style of telescope.

Optimized Optical Design Explore Focal Extenders are optimized through each architecture, fabrication, and testing process to develop high contrast, high resolution imeras.

Durable Coatings & Finishing Touches Each of the 4 facets in your Explore Scientific Focal Extender is totally multi-coated with EMD amplified coatings, causing bappropriate, sharp images; and eincredibly aspect has blackened edges to reduce internal reflections and boost contrast.

Tapered Barrel for Extra Security The insert barrel of each extender is double-tapered to allow smooth insertion to, and removal from, a telescope"s eyeitem holder, focuser or diagonal, yet the wide measurement of the taper helps prevent the focal extender from falling out of the telescope have to the set-screw holding it in location become loose. The barrel is threaded to accept 2" filters.


 Product Number:  FE02-020

 Barrel Size: 2" via 1.25" Adapter

 Barrel Threaded: Yes, to accept 2" filters

 Magnification: 2X

 Length: 118mm

 Width: 66mm

 Weight: 26.5 oz

Warranty Information: Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty as soon as product is registered on explorescientific.com within 60 days of purchase.

Since Barlow lenses, choose eyepieces, slide into a focuser or adapter, it is crucial to enhance the size of the chrome barrel to the focuser or adapter you plan to usage it in. Before you buy, inspect your telescope focuser"s dimension. If you"re lucky sufficient to have a 2" focuser via a 2" to 1.25" adapter, you can select either barrel size, although unless you have some 2" eyepieces, you might want to go via the more economical 1.25" Barlow.