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Availability: Item has been disongoing and also is no much longer obtainable.

Rapid Summary

David H. Levy Comet Hunter f/4.8 Carbon Fiber Maksutov-Newtonian; 99% Reflective Secondary Mirror; Two-Speed 2-inch Focuser; 1.25-inch Adapter and Exanxiety Tube; Cradle Rings with Handle and also Vixen-Layout Dovetail; Note: Case, Finder, and Eyeitem NOT Included

Please note: This scope (model MN06048CF-05) no much longer consists of a finder scope.

Product Details

The Explore Scientific David H. Levy Comet Hunter is the outcome of a dream teamwork between long-time amateur astronomer & Explore Scientific founder, Scott Roberts, and one of his life-long heroes, David H. Levy. David is an author, lecturer, & discoverer of a plethora of comets and also asteroids; a lot of notably the co-exploration of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, the remarkable "fuzzy snowball" that damaged acomponent and also whose fragments, streaming in the direction of Jupiter choose a celestial string of pearls, collided through the huge world in 1994.

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Scott and also David wanted to create a durable, rich-field telescope that would certainly create high contrast, pinallude star images whether the user was sweeping the heavens for comets, maintaining an eye on Jupiter"s Great Red Spot, or photographing the Sombrero galaxy or Orion nebula. The optics had actually to be quick, the tube assembly relatively lightweight yet strong, and all components required to be built to withstand also the test of time, and hundreds of trips to a dark skies site!

Rich Field Optics

The 6-inch f/4.8 Maksutov-Newtonian main mirror is crafted from BK-7 glass, and also layered through Explore Scientific"s Enhanced Multi-Layer Deplace (EMD)coatings for bbest, high contrast imeras and the elimination of light scatter. The addition of a Maksutov corrector plate enhances off-axis images over typical Newtonian optics. The EMD-coated corrector eliminates spherical aberration and produces those pin-allude star imperiods across the area that are so desirable. Finally, the secondary mirror, hosted in location by the corrector plate, is provided through 99% dielectric coatings for high reflectivity and also protection.

While our optics hold collimation extremely well, tright here will be times as soon as you will should make adjustments, specifically after a bumpy ride to a dark sky website. The optics on the Explore Scientific Comet Hunter deserve to quickly be collimated by the end user, and we administer great instructions in the user"s hand-operated need to you need to tweak the major or second mirror. The major mirror is center-marked to assist you in these efforts.

Carbon Fiber Tube Assembly & Dew Shield

Carbon fiber isn"t the most economical alternative as soon as creating a telescope, yet the high strength-to-weight ratio and low expansion features of the product, which helps maintain emphasis despite fluctuations in temperature, made it the only option for the Comet Hunter. Inside the tube assembly you will certainly find we have actually taken extraordinary steps to keep stray light under regulate. The interior is painted level black, and also the main is baffresulted in store wayward pholoads from entering the optical path. On the exterior of the tube, we have actually taken care to make sure the focuser fits tightly and the main mirror cell is sealed against light leaks.

A matching carbon fiber dew shield is consisted of as traditional tools on the Explore Scientific Comet Hunter. A dew shield is an important accessory for telescopes with a corrector plate. Light from a porch light or passing car will certainly reduced the contrast of your images if they strike the corrector plate, and also dew forming on the optics will certainly gradually dim your celestial see till the stars disshow up. A dew shield helps keeps moisture at bay, and placing up a wall of defense between possible stray light and also the optics. You have the right to store this dew shield on all the moment if you desire, because the dust cover attaches to it nicely. However before, as soon as you travel with your telescope, tbelow are times you might want to rerelocate your dew shield, so we made it easy to take off and also put on.

A Versatile Focuser

The Explore Scientific Comet Hunter contains a high top quality precision 2" dual-speed Crayford-style focuser via 10:1 micro focus and anxiety adjustment. The capability to change and also lock the anxiety on the draw tube is advantageous when you readjust the weight of the fill attached to the focuser.

You will certainly appreciate the smooth movement, the large course and also fine concentrating knobs, and also the graduated scale impublished on the draw tube. Exanxiety tubes are had to allow you to adjust the ago focus once using different eyepieces or a cam, and also a 2" and also 1.25" compression ring eyeitem adapter is included.

Cradling Your Telescope