Forma Scientific Biological Safety Cabinet

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Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C (-58°F to -123°F) Exterior Dimensions:8”W x 78.9”H x 37.0”D (103.6 cm x 200.4 cm x 94.0 cm) Interior Dimensions:6”W x 51.5”H x 25.3”D (77.7 cm x 130.8 cm x 64.3 cm) Capacity: 23.0 cu ft (651.3 liters)

Available as a Single or Double StackSpecifications:

Capacity: 6.5 cu. ft. CO2 Concentration Range: 0 to 20% O2 Range: 0 to 20% Relative Humidity: Ambient to 95% at 37°C Humidity Pan: 3.2 qt standard Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C to ambient Temperature Uniformity: 5°C to ambient Chamber: stainless-steel interior


Durable triple-wall cabinet building ensures optimal temperature uniformity Patented, heated dual pane inner glass door minimizes condensation, enables faster temperature recoextremely CFC-totally free foam insulated external door (field-reversible) Magnetic outer door gasket Accessory outlet Alarm contacts (NO, NC, COM)


Humidity Control Temperature Range: 0°C to 60°C Chamber Volume: 29 Cubic Feet / 821.2 Liters Temperature Uniforimity: ±0.3°C at 37°C Temperature Sensitiviy: ±0.1°C Chamber Dimensions (HxWxD): 60” x 31” x 27” Exterior Dimensions: (HxWxD): 88.5” x 38” x 32” Weight: 1040 LBS Capacity: 29 cu. ft. (821.2L) Voltage: 208/220V 60 Hz, 15.0A 4-wire power cord (consisting of ground) NEMA 14-20P plug 6 solid stainless-steel shelves Exterior D x W x H: 32 x 38 x 88.5 in. (81.3 x 96.5 x 224.8cm) Interior D x W x H: 27 x 31 x 60 in. (68.6 x 78.7 x 152.4cm)

Broad Range of Features and also Controls

Wide temperature array of 0° to 60°C enhances the versatility of the unit Relative humidity regulate through heavy steam generator from over ambient to 95% at 37°C† Sophisticated digital controls Programmable ramp and also soak cycles for temperature and RH† Durable cabinets feature true laminar aircirculation with side plenums for exceptionally tight uniformity Phenolic-coated evaporator for use in applications that produce corrosive bycommodities Manual regulate of defrost and refrigeration cycles Visible/audible safety alarms alert to over- and undertemperature conditions, deviation of humidity from set parameters (other than Model 3920)

Durable Construction

Cold-rolled steel, powder-coated cabinet 0 in. (5.1cm) thick, CFC-free, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation Stainless-steel internal Solid stainless-steel adjusteady shelves Directed horizontal airflow mechanism for terrific uniformity Locking swivel casters encertain straightforward mobility in the time of installation and also cleaning Leveling feet administer stability and also added safety in the lab


Thermo Scientific Forma Fury laboratory glassware dryer


Temperature Range : +50C above ambient to +200C Interior Construction : Stainless steel Interior Volume : 32.6 cu.ft. Interior WxHxF-B : 33in. X 55in. X 31in. 4 stainmuch less steel shelves. 208/230V 50/60Hz 14.5A 1PH


Chamber Material: Poliburned stainless-steel inner via coved corners CO2 Concentration Range: 0 to 20% CO2 Sensor Technology: IR Relative Humidity: Ambient to 95% at 37°C Temperature Range: 10° to 50°C Shelves: Stainless steel CO2 Concentration Control: IR Sensor Capacity: 6.5 cu.ft., 184L Electrical Requirements: 115V 50/60Hz


Temperature Range: 5C above ambient to +60C Temperature Uniformity: ±0.3C at 37C Interior Construction: Shiny stainless steel Interior Volume: 29 cu.ft. (821.2 liters) Interior WxHxD: 31.0" X 60.0" X 27.0" (78.7cm. X 152.4cm. X 68.6cm.) Exterior WxHxD: 38.0" X 80.0" X 33.0" (96.5cm. X 203.2cm. X 83.8cm.) Humidity System: 4 gal. (15.1liter) tank Humidity Ranges: Off, med. >80%, high >90% CO2 Sensor: Thermal Conductivity (T/C) CO2 Range: 0-20%


Hertherm IGS180 Incubator


Capacity (cu ft): 6.9 Capacity (Liters): 194 Control Type: Digital Max Temperature (° C): 75 Temperature Stability: ± 0.2°C at 37°C Overall Depth (in): 29 Overall Depth (cm): 74 Overall Height (in): 36 ¼ Overall Height (cm): 92.1 Overall Width (in): 25 ¼ Overall Width (cm): 64.1 Power (VAC): 120 Power (Hz): 60 Power (watts): 720 Chamber Depth (in): 23 ¼ Chamber Depth (cm): 59.1 Chamber Height (in): 27 Chamber Height (cm): 70.8 Chamber Width (in): 18 5/16 Chamber Width (cm): 46.5 Display Type: Vacuum Fluorescent Number Of Shelves: 2 Number Of Shelf Positions: 19 Internal Construction: Stainmuch less steel

The Thermo Scientific Forma® Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets provide clean air environment and amplified product, personnel, and also environment protection when functioning through agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, or 3. The cabinets are easily accessible in the 4-ft. Model 1284 and also 6-ft. Model 1286 devices.

The Forma® 1284 and also 1286 biosafety cabinets are designed with a framemuch less glass home window that ensures a clear, unobstructed see of the job-related location. The large 10-inch sash opening additionally improves the operator’s mobility and depth of reach right into the workarea without compromising defense. The patented, high velocity Vortex Channels carry out included product, user and environment defense. These relocate the unstable air right into the rerevolve air device, minimizing the risks of particulates escaping from or entering the cabinet.

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The 3/4 HP blower/motor incorporated in the Forma® biological security cabinets provide sufficient reserve airflow capacity. This renders the unit accept as much as a 230% rise in filter resistance and also still accomplish NSF recommended aircirculation specifications, extending filter life and reducing maintenance costs.

The Forma® biological safety and security cabinets’ UV interlock offers extra security by prohibiting UV light operation, unless the sash is fully closed. The closely directed laminar aircirculation also boosts consistency and sterility of the cabinet’s airflow.

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Chamber Material: Poliburned stainless-steel internal via coved corners CO2 Concentration Range: 0 to 20% CO2 Sensor Technology: IR Relative Humidity: Ambient to 95% at 37°C Temperature Range: 10° to 50°C Shelves: Stainless steel CO2 Concentration Control: IR Sensor Capacity: 6.5 cu.ft., 184L Electrical Requirements: 115V 50/60Hz

Thermo Scientific 370 Forma Steri-Cycle Double Stacked CO2 Incubator

Excellent USED Condition. Includes 30 day money earlier guarantee!!!

Capacity (English) 6.5 cu. ft.

Certifications/Compliance UL, cUL, CE

File Outputs Optional 4-20mA

Description Single 184L incubator

Capacity (Metric)184 L

Chamber Material Polished Stainmuch less Steel

Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 20 x 21.3 x 26.8 in. (50.8 x 54.1 x 68.1 cm)

Dimensions (L x W x H)25 x 26.3 x 39.5 in. (63.5 x 66.8 x 100.3 cm)

Temperature Range (Metric) Ambient +5°C to 50°C

Relative Humidity Centralized, eye level indevelopment center, consisting of microprocessor manage and also monitoring system; all controls and display screens are basic to reach and also check out Improves temperature manage and also boosts reserve BTUH capacity, bring about a more secure temperature sample Unique double door to store typically offered samples in the top chamber while long-term storage continues to be undisturbed in bottom Single-hand also operation: easy-to-use, padlock-compatible, ergonomic door handle via integrated vital lock Optional CO2 or LN2 back-up: Choice of CO2 or LN2 security back-up devices for additional sample defense in the event of a power or mechanical faiattract Optional chart recorder: Built-in chart recorder have the right to be installed at eye level on Forma 900 -86°C models Construction: 5 in. (127mm) foamed-in-area, polyurethane insulation: Reduces power consumption, maintains temperature setpoint Triple-suggest door gasket, gives much longer holding time in the event of a door opening Rugged, hefty gauge, cold-rolled steel cabinets withstand chipping and rust 1 in. (25mm) access ports: Allow for the use of inexpedient probes or instrumentation Four inner doors minimize cold air loss and improve temperature recoexceptionally after door closings Painted Galvaneel inner (stainless steel alternative available) Water-cooled condenser option accessible