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30 May 1995
3.22 / 5.00.5 from 341 ratings
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Kansas had actually really believed in 1988's In The Spirit Of Things and also its commercial faiattract stung. They focused on touring heavily and took pleasure in being a effective live act for a couple of years before returning to the studio.

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Yet this gigging had actually a side result that was going to hurt the band; as opening song I Can Fly gets undermethod, almost eincredibly listener exclintends "Who is that squawking away and what has actually he done through Steve Walsh?" Tbelow is a shocking destruction in Walsh's voice to the point that he is difficult to recognise. He's not even that old - 44 at time of recording - however the old power and also smoothness is gone and the decrease is difficult to take.Fortunately the various other elements of the sound are much better. After over a decade without the violin that was as soon as a core part of their sound, new member and also fulltime string-sawer David Ragsdale brings it earlier via panache, lending a classy tone to proceedings through his tasteful playing. As for the songs, I Can Fly gets proceedings off to a negative begin - it's disjointed and poorly produced -but tbelow is more powerful product coming up such as the intense, dramatic Black Fathom Four and also the catchy chorus of Desperate Times. In basic though there's not a lot to talk around - the album is proficient modern rock from an ageing band via a little bit of a progressive streak but is neither excellent or bad enough to obtain worked up about, despite a few highlights that fans might favor to cherrypick for a finest of.
rod45 Nov 06 2014 3.00 stars
So-so attempt at a comeearlier. It doesn't specifically occupational yet it isn't destructive. Kansas has actually made a lot better albums and a couple of that are worse. So tright here you are, consist of your very own mind.Rich Williams is the lone lead guitarist and also I am not so certain he is up to the project. The coming before two guitarist were lead guitar prog rock giants and also I am afrassist Mr. Williams is not, although he did play second lead via both Kerry Livgren and also Steve Morse.
Lord_Corkscrew Feb 02 2014 2.50 stars
Freaks of Nature
riporta la band also in studio dopo i fasti della stagione Morse, dopo i terribili primi anni '90, e ritrova uno Steve Walsh ancora sottotono e rauco, ma più composto ed energico; protagonista -fin troppo- il ritrovato violino (David Ragsdale). Ma non pochi brani funzionano, sono ben arrangiati, ruotano quale un ingranaggio ancora buono; altri meno.

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Ezgenuine Mar 24 2013 3.50 stars
Kansas went from being one of the few bonafide UNITED STATE steady groups to doing arena-style Christian music by the beforehand '80s. Guitarist and also co-writer Kerry Livgren left, leaving the band also mostly dead (violinist Robby Steinhart had actually left prior to the last of the Christian albums and also original vocalist Steve Walsh had actually left after the first). Still, in the mid '80s, they attempted a comeback, through Walsh back in the fold and also Steve Morse on guitar. Unfortunately, what arose was typical of '80s progressive music. Steve Morse left for Deep Purple, and new guitarist Rich Williams assumed the duty by this album, with violinist David Ragsdale adding the certain instrument Kansas was known for and also sadly lacking on the preceding albums. This implies Freaks of Nature mainly abandoned the pop-rock of the '80s and returned to an updated variation of the classic Kansas sound.Largely it is effective. The band also retained the songs short for the the majority of component, so "Peaceful and Warm" is the closest point to the old Kansas-style suite. "Hope Once Again" is a good ballad, and "Cold Grey Morning" the highlight of the album.Of course, there are components of the album that drag, however largely this was a authorize of things to come.
9148 CD (1995)
rocketfrogs Feb 11 2011 4.00 stars
A strong go back to form after the disappointing 'Spirit of Things'Of course Steve Morse had actually given that joined Deep Purple leaving Rich Williams to punish the amps which he does with excellent finesse.David Ragsdale's violin is anywhere this album and also Steve Walshes voice is a powerful as ever.There's some great critical passages and also catchy toons' although the vocal 'na na na's' in the title track are more than a tiny cshed to 'Hush'A strong initiative.Nice...
Kansas are earlier after a salso years gap in prog rock music with a new release , back then called Freaks of nature , released in 1995. Ala lot of anyone expected a new release from the master so it was kinda high expectation from me aswell. Having the album considering that he was release, on cassete, I had actually the moment to listen carefuly since then. To tell the fact I like it, is a great album, through some mediocre moments aswell, however generaly is a good one no doubt.The previous Kansas album In the spirits of thing was for me an enjoyble release, this one is bit edge in places, that AOr feeling of the late '80's is gone living place to a more room for the violin and guitar. The line up practically as the original with some minus musicians, yet they manage to develop IMO a pleasent album, at leastern for me. The violin of David Ragsdale is incredibly proeminent on eextremely item, the guitar aswell, the voice of Walsh is ok on every track. Some pieces captured my attention from the initially time, still today after 15 years still impush me as much as then: opening track I have the right to fly , Despeprice times, Black fathom 4 , Under the knife and Peaceful and heat, all good tunes, in places capture the magic of old kansas yet not entirely, they still needed an extra progressive elements, lots more keybords to be as in the glory days. The only track that is mediocre to me is Need, totaly usemuch less in this context. Anymethod , a 3 star album to me, cshed to 3.5, not as excellent the'70's music they release, yet a fair release from the masters.