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This is a strategy guide for utilizing Venusaur in competitive play for the games Pokemon Sword and also Shield. Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV spreads, Movesets, and Held Items to usage via Venusaur, and also its strengths and weak points.

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AbilitiesOvergrowPowers up Grass-type moves in a pinch.Chlorophyll(Hidden)Boosts the Pokemon"s Speed in sunshineType DefensesTypeTakes 4x damage


Base Stats

HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed

Best Nature for Venusaur

Best Natures
Timid (+Spd, -Atk)Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk)

What are Natures?

Singles Movesets for Venusaur

Chlorophyll Sunlight Movecollection & Best Build


NatureEV SpreadFinal Stat ValuesAbilityHeld ItemMoveset
Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk)
HP 188 / Sp.Atk 252 / Spd 68
HP 179 / Def 103 / Sp.Atk / 167 / Sp.Def 120 / Spd 109
Life Orb
・Solar Beam ・Earth Power ・Sludge Bomb ・Weather Ball

This develop of Venusaur is based approximately establishing up Sunlight and also running with it.

It"s recommfinished to usage this develop in addition to a Pokemon via the Ability Drought, which alters the weather to Sunlight.

About Venusaur"s Moves

Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb serve as Venusaur"s primary STAB-moves. Especially useful in sunlight, Solar Beam will certainly fire off in one turn rather of 2.

Sludge Bomb additionally serves as Venusaur"s access to Max Ooze which offers it a opportunity to raise its Special Attack.

Earth Power serves as a trustworthy coverage relocate that can be used against Steel-forms that might otherwise wall Venusaur"s STAB moves.

Finally, Weather Ball have the right to capture some opponents off guard as, in sunlight, Weather Ball becomes a Fire-type relocate which can be helpful as soon as Venusaur is versus various other Grass-forms.

About Venusaur"s EV Spread

This movecollection makes use of gives Venusaur max investment in Special Attack to maximize damages. Venusaur have the right to additionally provide up some Speed EVs and transport it to HP because it will certainly double it"s speed in the sunlight anyway.

About Venusaur"s Ability

With its Ability Chlorophyll, its Speed is doubled in Sunlight, permitting it to relocate also quicker than a Togekiss through max Speed EVs and also Nature via one Max Airstream under its belt.

About Venusaur"s Held Item

Life Orb offers Venusaur a little more oomph in it"s assaults at the price of some HP. If Grassy Terrain is up, it have the right to help mitigate some of the damages lost from Life Orb.

Other Viable MovesEnergy BallLeaf StormSunny DaySynthesisFrenzy PlantGrowthSleep Powder
A secure source of damages unreliant on weather.
An different to Solar Beam that also deals considerable damages, however it has the drawearlier of dropping Venusaurs" stats.
It can be helpful for Venusaur to collection its own sunlight.
Gives Venusaur a more reputable recoincredibly relocate than simply relying on recoexceptionally from Grassy Terrain
Only good for one solid hit, but the power doesn"t lie. Has 150 power as Max Overexpansion.

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In sunlight, both Attack and Special Attack boost by 2 stperiods.
When in a pinch, putting the enemy to sleep deserve to rotate the tides. Its bad accuracy harms, though.

Black Sludge Movecollection & Best Build


NatureEV SpreadFinal Stat ValuesAbilityHeld ItemMoveset
Calm (+Sp.Def, -Atk)
HP 252 / Sp.Atk 4 / Sp.Def 252
HP 202 / Def 110 / Sp.Atk 101 / Sp.Def 156 / Spd 80
Babsence Sludge
・Giga Drain ・Sludge Bomb ・Toxic ・Protect
About Venusaur"s Moves

This movecollection revolves approximately Venusaur being a Sp.Def wall that stalls out the opponent through Toxic. Venusaur remains healthy and balanced sufficient thanks to Giga Drain and Protect. Sludge Bomb is below as an alternate STAB move given that Giga Drain has actually limited PP.

About Venusaur"s EV Spread

To maximize bulk, this moveset makes use of a standard specially protective bulky spcheck out with maximum investment in HP and also Sp.Def. The continuing to be EVs might be put in Sp.Atk.

About Venusaur"s Held Item

As a poichild kind, Venusaur benefits from recoextremely offered by Black Sludge which is twice as much than Leftovers.

Other Viable MovesLeech SeedEarth PowerSynthesis
A great energy relocate that deserve to drain the enemy"s HP and provide Venusaur added recovery.
A reliable coverage move that deserve to be used versus Steel-types that might otherwise wall Venusaur"s STAB moves.
Gives Venusaur a more trusted recoincredibly move than simply relying on recoexceptionally from Grassy Terrain

How to Use Venusaur Effectively

Made for the Sunlight

Unlike its effective predecessor Mega Venusaur, this generation should see it take benefit of Chlorophyll to come to be a big-gun attacker. With doubled Speed in Sunlight, it can relocate initially almost always. And as its base Special Attack and also Special Defense are high, it have the right to host its very own once the bulallows begin flying.

Take advantage of its G-Max Move

G-Max Vine Lash allows Venusaur deals end-of-revolve damage against non-Grass type adversaries. 1/sixth of the opponent"s HP is lessened each revolve which is a pretty considerable amount.

Useful Type Effectiveness

Venusaur"s Grass-kind grants it a valuable immunity against prevalent powder-based status moves such as Stun Spore and also Sleep Powder, while its Poison-kind grants it immunity versus the poikid standing. This is an additional factor Venusaurs" bulk functions really well.

How to Build a Team via Venusaur

A Dedicated Sun Sweeper

Venusaur"s capacity Chlorophyll permits it to fill the duty of a quick and naturally bulky sweeper in the Sun.

It"s secondary Poikid typing also provides it an benefit versus other Sun sweepers, such as Shifattempt, as it have the right to hit other Grass-type Pokemon for super efficient damage with its STAB Sludge Bomb.

Check out our post below to learn how to construct a Weather Team for competitive battle.

How to Build a Weather Team

Counters for Venusaur


Capitalize on its Flying-kind weakness

Since Venusaur doesn"t have actually anything to deal super reliable damage to Flying-kinds, it deserve to be an excellent possibility for others to set up Max Airstream versus Venusaur.

Best Pokemon to UsePokemonDescription
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Immunity to Venusaur"s Ground and also Poison-form moves gives it a clear form benefit. ・Meanwhile, Celesteela has actually a 1/fourth resistance versus Venusaur"s Grass-kind moves. Moveset & Best Build for Celesteela
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Access to the super efficient move Hurricane. ・Can recoup after taking out Venusaur many thanks to Roost. Moveset & Best Build for Zapdos
Galarian Moltres
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Can use Nasty Plot to set up against Venusaur. Movecollection & Best Build for Galarian Moltres
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Can use Dragon Dance to erected against Venusaur. Moveset & Best Build for Dragonite

Bring in other type-advantaged Pokemon

Although the Grass/Poichild type combicountry has 6 resistances, it can not be sassist to be highly defensive in the current metagame. When it"s up versus among its many foes, taking out Venusaur isn"t a difficult feat.

Best Pokemon to UsePokemonDescription
Heat Rotom
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Has a clear kind advantage and also can advantage from rises in the sunlight. Moveset & Best Build for Heat Rotom
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Resists Venusaur"s grass-kind moves. ・Has a clear kind benefit and deserve to advantage from boosts in the sunlight. Movecollection & Best Build for Charizard
Ranking: ★★★★★ ・Can strike Venusaur on its weaker Physical Defense. ・Has a clear form benefit and deserve to benefit from rises in the sun. Movecollection & Best Build for Cinderace
Ranking: ★★★★ ・Has a clear kind advantage and have the right to advantage from rises in the sun. ・Can render Chlorophyll"s increase useless by making use of Trick Room. Moveset & Best Build for Chandelure