Good nature for mudkip

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Pokémon Strategies & Movesets (archive) Whats good nature for Mudkip? Started by Just Darth September first, 2007 7:18 AM
Well the question is above have the right to you answer it pleaseEdit: Just realized wrong place have the right to someone move it please

Trait: TorrentNature: Adamant/Impish/Brave/RelaxedEVs: 252 HP/ 172 ATK/ 80 DEF WaterfallAvalancheEarthquakeRest/Curse I acquired bored XDD In other words Adamant/Brave/Impish/Relaxed, They"re all great
make it cursepert, hes a beast: BerryTrait: TorrentNature: AdamantEVs: 252 HP/ 172 ATK/ 80 DEFEarthquakeRock Slide/Stone EdgeCurseRestjust curse up until hes about to die, then remainder.he"ll wake up reason of the chesto berry and then move away.Earthquake and also rock slide hit virtually everything for at leastern nuetral damages. if you desire you have the right to go via the even more powerful but untrusted rock edge, personally, i use rock slide.

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No, Cursing till death falls short bereason the hugest are afraid is a pseudohazer/hazer that deserve to foil all your plans. Especially Perish Singers

Chesto BerryImpish NatureEVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 6 Atk- Curse- Earthquake- Waterfall/Avalanche- RestBasically, wait till his counters (mostly unique sweepers) and hazers are out of the way, curse up, and proceed to wreck havoc.The various other Swampert is a little bit less original, yet it works, and also also makes up for his astronomical (yet only) weakness:Swampert
Leftovers/Chesto BerryRelaxed NatureEVs: 252 HP, others are approximately preference- Earthquake- Surf- Ice Beam- Rest


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