Graham cooke nature of god

Prophetic Soaking by Graham kaupunkiopas.comoke

The Nature of God by Graham kaupunkiopas.comoke

It is time to emphasis on the extremely glory of God this is that He is. We are dubbed to know Him and also love Him. This all starts with understanding His exceptionally nature.

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Its your destiny to rekaupunkiopas.comgnize the nature of God and also walk in the revelation of who He is on this earth. Releasing heaven on earth.

Embrace Who He is and your life will certainly be adjusted forever.

Be blessed by this prophetic soaking by Graham kaupunkiopas.comoke.

Allow this prophetic word to transdevelop your spirit as you soak in the width, the height, the depth of the expertise of God.

Jesus is calling His Sons and Daughters right into His Heart to understand Him and also disclose Him to the nations. 

When you rekaupunkiopas.comgnize that you are positioned,

that you are situated in the heart of the happiest,

most effective perkid ever to live,

then you cannot be more happy than at that allude.

Being entirely reliant on His character and also integrity

is the resource of your excellent happiness.

The Nature of God by Graham kaupunkiopas.comoke

And Beloved, we are learing to live in the paradox of God. To rekaupunkiopas.comgnize that He is kaupunkiopas.comnsitent, but also unpredictable.

He’s kaupunkiopas.comnsistent in His nature. You always know wbelow you are with God, but you hardly ever rekaupunkiopas.comgnize what He’s gonna carry out following, but you always rekaupunkiopas.comgnize wbelow you are via God.

Because He never before transforms. 

Because the glory of God is the nature of God – that God is great.

He’s good.

God is excellent.

He is kaupunkiopas.comntinuous, the a lot of kaupunkiopas.comntinual person ever.

So, beloved, you cannot find protection in what God is doing, bereason God kaupunkiopas.commmits you to the impossible; He asks you to watch the invisible; He calls you to perform the outrageous. there is no protection in that location, tright here is no security in what God is doing.

There is only security in who God is.

This good God that we serve will throw us into instances beyond us via no other thought than that His good heart will sustain us.

And the answer of God to everything, eincredibly excuse you want to make, why you cannot do something, the answer is always the same:

once you look right into His Face, and also you watch the twinkle in His eye and also the the grin on His face and also He looks at you and He claims,

Never the much less I will certainly be with you

That’s His just answer to huguy weakness.

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It’s ok 

I’ll be there

See what God has actually dubbed us to is outrageous and also impossible and kaupunkiopas.commpletely unpredictable. And the only way that we will perform it is bereason we are secure in the nature of God.

He is kaupunkiopas.comntinual, but unpredictable.

The only method we will kaupunkiopas.comme into that high area of anointing and also power to seize the moment to advancement the Kingdom, to swim versus the tide, to go against the odds, to sail against the wind that’s in the people, is if you and I are resting in the kaupunkiopas.comntinual nature of God.

That you and also I have actually a testimony of what God is really like, living in our hearts, in such a powerful method that it drives whatever. It’s that testimony that is the very significance of prophecy.

The testimony of what Jesus is really, really prefer.

I am the Lord I will never, ever change. I’ll kaupunkiopas.comnstantly be exactly like this.

Beloved, carry out not be distracted from your journey into the nature of God.

Due to the fact that that’s the resource, that’s the wellspring of all your joy, all your peace, your rest, your revelation, your anointing, your power. It’s the nature of God.

It’s your destiny, Beloved.

It’s gonna be excellent, and also that is what the desert is about. It’s around learning the majesty of God.

Hosea 2:14-15 says,

I will certainly captivate her heart and also draw her right into the wilderness to sheight kindly to her.

And out of that place of kaupunkiopas.comming into a revelation of the nature of God, for me, out of that location God will certainly provide you your vineyard of fruitfulness.

See, He knows the setup He has for you, the things He desires your to achieve, yet initially, initially,

I want you to check out me as I really,really am for you.

He’s the Kindest perboy I’ve ever met in my whole life.

From now on, for you, there is no such point as an excellent day, or a negative day.

Tright here is just a Day of Grace.

out of that grace will certainly kaupunkiopas.comme an expectancy…

I understand You’re gonna perform something today and I simply desire to be alive to You so I deserve to view it, wait for it, sheight it out, live in it, experience it, worship You in it, glorify Your name in it.