Nature Play Factoids — In a study of 830 mothers, 70 % reported playing outdoors eexceptionally day when they were young, compared with just 31% of their children — 85% of these mothers established their child’s tv viewing and computer game playing as the number one reason for the lack of outdoor play.

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82% of them established crime and also security pertains to as determinants that proccasion their children from playing outdoors. Source: An Investigation of the Status of Outdoor Play, Rhonda Clements, Conshort-lived Issues in Early Childhood, Vol.

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5, Number 1, 2004 — Children living in the U.S. today spfinish, on average, 30 minutes of unstructured time outdoors each week. — Children aged 3 to 12 spfinish 1% of their time outdoors, and 27% through digital media — Children aged 3 to 13 spent an average of 29 hrs a week in school, eight even more than in 1981 — The average amount of homework for America’s youngest kids has actually tripled since 1981 Source: Changes in Amerihave the right to Children’s Time, 1981-1997, Sandra Hofferth and John Sandberg, College of Michigan Institute for Social Research, 1999 — 29% of Amerihave the right to two and three year-olds have a TV in their bedroom (also though the Amerihave the right to Academy of Pediatrics advises against any type of TV watching at age two) — Children aged 8 to 10 spfinish an average of 6 hrs a day watching tv, playing video games, using computer systems, and also listening to audio media (and also that’s during the college year — no examine has actually been done on vacation habits, yet TV ratings display that children watch even more tv during the summer.) — A child is six times even more likely to play a video game on a typical day than to ride a bike Source: Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cited in USA Today, July 12, 2005 — Preschoolers need to obtain two hrs of exercise everyday (1 hour structured, 1 hour unstructured) Source: National Association for Sport and Physical Education