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Nature Preserve

Property safeguarded, owned and controlled by the Grand Traverse Regional Land also Conservancy. Visitors deserve to suppose to endure equivalent signage, interpretive maps and also kiosks on these properties.

iNaturalist is a neighborhood science platdevelop we use to share flora and also fauna information uncovered on properties. Discover what"s been watched and just how you can share your observations!

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Community science is a collaborative initiative in between researchers and also those of us who are curious, pertained to, and motivated to make a distinction in the organic world. The scientific occupational undertaken through the aid of the general public is invaluable as these big, volunteer-based netfunctions make it possible for scientists to accomplish jobs that would certainly otherwise be also expensive or time-consuming via typical suggests.

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Importantly, neighborhood science urges public participation and brings science within reach for those who are not (or not-yet) scientists, and builds connections in between civilization with common interests of advancing knowledge, understanding, stewardship, and also engagement through the natural human being.

iNaturalist is a world-wide area science information sharing platcreate that helps us even more fully understand the properties we defend with observations from civilization choose you.

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Protected, owned and also controlled by the Grand also Traverse Regional Land also Conservancy.

NOTICE reliable summer 2020: The stairs going dvery own to the beach have been rerelocated to proccasion damage from high water levels. Access to what is left of the beach is strongly discouraged.

This maintain offers nearly three miles of trail winding with forest and meadow to stunning views of Lake Michigan and a beach of unparalleled beauty. The home is hold to many kind of native plant species and distinct bird habitats, so be on the lookout for wildfreduced displays and also many kind of species of birds.

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This preserve is situated two miles south of Elberta on Green Point Road (off of M-22). The parking location, kiosk and also trailhead are incredibly visible from Green Point Road, though Green Point Roadway itself is easy to miss from M-22 if you aren’t looking carefully.

Read around the protection of Eco-friendly Point Dunes and adjacent Arcadia Dunes in the Coastal Campaign chapter from our 2fifth anniversary publication Love the Land: Pass it On.

Certain forms of searching are permitted in accordance through state regulations:

Deer hunting; all forms.

For even more information, please visit our Hunting Regulations web page.

Dogs are welcome, however they should be leaburned at all times! Click here to uncover out why.