Happy mothers day nature

I am so happy this particular day to have actually our initially ever guest on Natural Beach Living. Today Marie, from Montessori Setup is sharing a sweet Home made Mother’s Day card incorporating nature. Yay!!!

We have actually been thinking around our Mother’s Day cards this year and also I thought I would be nice to combine our art via our Spring planting. We provided celery and also apples to make our painted “flowers” for our Mother’s Day cards. Thank you for joining us!

Samuel and Avalyn really love paint and were extremely intrigued through the thought of utilizing food to paint. It took them a minute to gain supplied to the principle.

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We took a stalk of celery and reduced it to make 2 pieces the kids supplied as stamps. I kept one item tied in addition to a rubber band also of Samuel (3.5) and Avalyn (2) took the base of the stalk. They made a decision the shade paint and we offered paper plates for straightforward cleanup.

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Then we reduced an apple in half to make a heart shaped stamp. Both kids loved trying out with this new painting experience!

I added in green stems to the bottom of the “flower” pictures the youngsters produced. We will be excited to sfinish these to the grandmothers and also great-grandmother’s we sfinish cards to each year!

While Avalyn was napping, Samuel and I were able to job-related with our fruits and vegetables 3 part cards. I downloaded these cards free from Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are not familiar via presenting a 3 component card leschild to your boy, I found this video incredibly helpful!

Samuel really loves 3 component cards and it has really assisted him via his start sound acknowledgment.

I really delighted in placing together this projects to share via you. Happy Spring!!

Marie is a work at home Mom via a background in education (and astronautics). She writes around her Child Led Life on her blog (and also once called herself a Babsence Hawk helicopter pilot). Marie enjoys networking through other bloggers on Montessori Bloggers Network-related and finds peace in her day via a hike in the woods and also cooking with her children in the kitchen. She would love to hear from you on Facebook, Pinteremainder, and G+.


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