To be honest, from my endure at leastern, this is commonly led to by somepoint prefer an selection out of bounds error that does not cause the regime to totally crash. Instead, the regime will departure the function that caused the error and continue handling the rest of the code. Chances are, tright here is an "updatePlayer" feature or somepoint prefer that that calculates physics, processes switch pushes, and so on, however ends up gaining totally skipped in all the game loop updates. For whatever factor, the 3rd extra accessory slot appears to be bring about those kinds of symptoms.I think Eldrazi found a method to job-related around it, however nobody has actually viewed him for some time.EDIT: From Eldrazi"s thcheck out, this appears to confirm what I suspect: https://kaupunkiopas.com/index.php?attachments/crash_error-jpg.98877/Why the game crashes at 3 added slots and still allows the 2nd additional one is one good mystery. I suspect just the kaupunkiopas.com devs themselves may be able to find out.EDIT2: OK here"s my finest guess. The selection that holds the added accessory slots is tough coded to save 7 records. By establishing extraAccessorySlots to 3 or higher, we are forcing that variety to attempt to save even more worths that it is able to hold, and thus the crash. Unmuch less we can actually access that variety somejust how and modify its size, tbelow is likely no possible way to perform anything around this.This is, of course, assuming that this is the trouble. I am pretty sure that it is though.EDIT3: After thinking about it a bit more *and* realizing that the cwarmth sheet mod is able to include multiple accessory slots past the 3rd, I suspect that the bug hregarding perform with the dye and/or vanity slot, and not in truth the accessory slot itself.

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edit: whoops i didnt check out a couple of thingsquestion though as i havent tried the mod, does it have a 100% drop from plantages experienced mode bag at least?

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edit: whoops i didnt read a couple of thingsquestion though as i havent tried the mod, does it have actually a 100% drop from planteras professional mode bag at least?
Now Heart of Nature has 10% opportunity of dropping from Plantera because Heart of Nature impact is too strong to be given so conveniently as 100% opportunity.

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VVV101 said:
Now Heart of Nature has actually 10% opportunity of dropping from Plantera bereason Heart of Nature result is too strong to be provided so conveniently as 100% chance.