How to craft force a nature

I'm a Scout primary, and i use the force-a-nature as my major weapon. I'm regularly in the peak 5 on my team, and i don't endure that many concerns through taking dvery own adversaries. However, i've recently been 'notified'(read: yelled at) by another Scout major that the force-a-nature is a poor weapon. I execute not understand also this, as i find myself reasonably knowledgeable through it. I understand that it's a 'Gimmick weapon', yet i discover myself using it's gimmick to my benefit, knocking Medics amethod from their targets and also destroying enemie's aim. Basically, what i'm trying to ask is, am i a great Scout if i usage the FaN, and also just how could i improve/what am i doing wrong?


The force of nature is extremely situational. Most scouts that play comp would just use it for a life or 2 and also then switch earlier to stock, but if you are simply playing roughly in a pub use whatever before you desire and just mute the human being telling you to play the meta. Have fun making use of whatever weapon you desire don't listen to the haters. If this is for comp tf2 I would recommfinish trying it in a lobby or two, and also if you still prefer the pressure better usage that however most people I understand once they go stock they don't go ago.

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Whoa there, rewind a bit. People in pubs are founding to tell folks to play the meta?

I didn't even realize there was a meta for scout major, preferences to be sure, but not a meta.

It's really a good concept to mute those people. I generally only play on valve servers and also i'm not that competitive. I take things as well seriously occasionally, i should more than likely just lighten up a bit.

I agree that the FaN is incredibly situational, and i've been considering switching to the Blaster for maps wbelow there's no fatality hazard, yet the 25% increase penalty upon double-jumping is a large downside for me.

Force isn't a negative weapon per se...its just that the knock earlier enhancement is better provided for specific maps. Like any kind of map you have the right to usage to blast an foe off the map.

Otherwise, yeah its a great divariation weapon, blasting an opponent roughly who isn't paying attention...however its a little bit simpler to usage the stock scattergun and also killing sassist adversary units in 2 or so shots rather.

Knocking an opponent roughly is good, however its better to kill them.

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The force a nature isn't negative. After all, you obtain to obtain a third jump increase, knock adversaries roughly, and you gain high burst damages. If you like using it, and if you deserve to it usage it well than go ahead. Only point you shed is the relicapability of clip dimension, and also the capability to quickly 2 shot classes (FaN have the right to perform the very same point, but in the majority of situations the knockearlier knocks the foe too much earlier and also you can't gain enough damages on the the 2nd shot). Either means, that the hell cares what you use anyway, and on a pub server no much less. As shelp previously, if you deserve to wreck shit via this weapon then go ahead. Don't let some random player speak you.

I go through phases wbelow I use my stselection spec killstreak pressure a nature along with my pistol and also perform decently with it on pubs, however I constantly finish up switching back to scatter gun and also doing much much better.

Figured i'd write-up an upday below, i tried switching to stock and i play so much much better with it, and also i have a lot more fun also. Many likely bereason i make it through for much longer through stock.

Pretty a lot all tools are good if you recognize exactly how to usage them effectively.

The shortsoptimal is the worst scout main, yet if you have the right to use it correctly, you'll overcome.

The Force-A-Nature is quite great actually


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