Immunity to poison pathfinder

I'd choose to develop an Eldritch Poisoner for PFS, however tright here are a ton of undead, outsiders immune to poichild, and more there.

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The archetype has the adhering to text:

Alchemist discoveries that affect mundane poisons carry out not use to an arcanotoxin.

Would the Celestial Poisons discovery impact the arcanotoxin? If not, are tright here any type of other ways to impact the normally immune creatures you tfinish to run into in PFS via poisons?


Don't think so. Like intimidation, poikid builds are shut down tough by a staggering percent of monsters.

The finest alternative you'll probably have is to not be also much of a one-trick pony. You'll have arcanotoxins to play with as soon as they occupational, mundane poisons with the Celestial Poisons exploration for some other things, and also Sneak Attack with great old fashioned tools once poisons aren't gonna work for you.

Beyond which, you'll still have actually a nice array of skills for non-combat sections, and Infusions for added assistance utility.

It deserve to job-related as a construct, yet the central conceit won't work-related about half the moment.

Sorry, nothing in PFS. It'd be a good archeform otherwise. It's still fun, but either cherry pick your scenarios, get offered to sitting out specific fights, or pick a secondary combat technique. My Eldritch Poisoner also has actually decent ranged sneak via rapid shot/deadly aim combined through sneak and greater invis.

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Remember to pick up int as one of the extra damages kinds - there's extremely bit funnier (to me, anyway), than having a T-Rex jump out of the bushes, roar, get a small dart to the neck, and falmost everywhere unaware.

Id play a various device favor through the breach. I love pathfinder yet its a shitty device in particular locations this being among them.

Alchemist discoveries that influence mundane poisons carry out not apply to an arcanotoxin.

BTW just reason for an alchemist to go for eldritch poisoner is its sneak dice to poikid dc convariation at level 4.Besides that you generally dont need it.Although ı strongly recommend to not use a poisoner in PFS as a result of Poichild conversions ban.I suppose you have the right to craft poison that is nice yet if you cant transform poisons you wont be able to obtain better dc's through PFS legal posions.That one poikid through 1 min onset time and ingested with 23 base dc is the ideal point.There was a means to remove onset time yet ı dont remember its name.

...Yes. I quoted specifically that. Which is why I'm in search of advice on exactly how to make it occupational without being neutered in PFS.

Alchemist discoveries that influence mundane poisons do not use to an arcanotoxin.

Can we acquire a source on this? I'm looking however my google-fu is not helping me uncover what you claim.